Saturday, October 6

familial favorites?

So recently I had a conversation with my friend about whether or not I have a favorite friend claims that I DO...after many weeks of arguing...I DO indeed have a favorite...well...maybe not a favorite, but one that I relate to the best...I think that each of them has their place as a favorite for something...but I definitely think I relate to one better than the other two because we have similar personalities.

I was surprised by the was quite a vast array of replies. Some people really just do have a favorite...and as Ed says...maybe he is the favorite!

I probably shouldn't even include names as to not offend the siblings of those responding...although I think only about three people read my I'm not going to worry...first names are included.

Alisa: No, but sometimes I do like one more than the other.

Amanda: I have a least favorite , but its not her fault, she has mental health issues.

Annie: Yes. (and I know who...she is pretty great)!

Dave: Of course!

Dave: No, I hate them all!

Devin: It all depends the mood I'm in, but usually I don't.

Brother Hale: No. I don't like any them. Actually, they're all good.

Lisa: Yes...Jesus. :)

Mandy: No...I have a favorite blonde brother, a favorite brown haired brother and favorite sister!

Jill: Each of my brothers have a had their time as my favorite. I think it worked out that they had what I needed and vice versa at that time. Currently, its my youngest brother. Plus he hasn't been taken over by a girl.

Janelle: yes

Jessi: Nope! Can you believe it! I know you do.

Sunshine: No

Scott: All of them. I love them all the same for different reasons.

Heidi: Not me! (this is a sarcastic response).

Ray: My sister

Tim: No...they are equal.

Kelli: No, all things equal.

Katie: I'll go with yes. I like all my siblings, but I'm closer to one than the other two.

Jenn: I only have one...So I guess so.

Josie: No.

Kelly: Yes

Mom: No, not as an adult, probably not as child either. I always wanted to the only child. LOL.

Kathryn: Yep. My sis Alaina. ha ha cuz we're close in age adn best friends.

Sliced Bread: I'm pretty sure you know my answer to this one! :)

Tammy: Yup.

Jillesha: No! I have too many!

Emily: Nope-They're each fun in their own way.

Aubry: nope. But I love them all for VERY different reasons. My relationships with my brothers ebb and flow at times.

Kim: Favorite, no. But ones that I'm closer to.

Ed Parker: No favorite, but that doesn't mean I'm not the favorite to them.

Mindy: Yes.