Thursday, August 25

the new, but still fantastic, beautiful South

I've loved this song for...16-ish years...  Anytime I hear it...I mean ANYTIME...I am just filled with a little joy and can't wipe the smile off my face...which is somewhat...odd?...considering the subject matter. 

The group singing in the video is the new Beautiful known as The South and is a different combo of people from when I first heard the song...but it is still fantastic...and this may be blasphemous, but I think I might actually like Alison Wheeler's backing vocals the very best (Sorry Brianna are wonderful too!) (she is the female on stage).

Give it a listen.  You might love it too.

Friday, August 12

my two little loves

These are my babies...not in the sense that I birthed them of course...but they are the apples of my eye...they have taught me, among other things, that our capacity, as humans, to love, is truly infinite.  Here are a few of my most recent favorite shots...

contemplating where to dig next

checking out Brookie's car

"I'm awesome, I know"

Brookie & Jonah

Baby Lyla

Daddy's pushups with an added weight
(incidentally he did 30 of them with Jonah on his back for all of them)

a bit skeptical, but oh so adorable!

laughing at Coco...aka auntie Kerri

sleepy "LJ"

"Hi guys.  Lyla Jean here."

Summer joy

my aunties taught me well...

The other night I was leaving a family of who knows how many in the last month...I don't say that with any fact just the opposite.  I am so grateful for all the time that I've been able to spend with my family this summer.  Whether it is family dinner, watching Lost Horizons, playing at the lake or eating awesome homemade fish tacos...I feel so blessed.  But I I was leaving family dinner and firming up plans to see my cousin next week in Cedar City I thought about the fact that even now, at age 32 I am excited to hang out with my cousins...who are all at least 5 years younger than me...most of them a lot more than that...but I love it.  Being so much older it is kind of like being an aunt (which I am...and this applies to my niece and nephew as well).  I thought about that and thought about my own aunties.  Especially my mom's two sisters.  Growing up I spent most of my summers in Utah.  And while I was here I spent a LOT of time with both Steph and Jenn.  I always felt like I was the center of their attention...even when they had kids...I always feel so important around them...because I know I am important to them. It makes me feel pretty awesome that they wanted to spend time with me.  And so when it comes to my cousins and my nephew and niece (and any future ones I might have) I hope to always be able to express that same love that I've always felt from all of my aunts.  At age 32 I am happy to say that I know they all love me and really do care so much about me.  I hope that my cousins and nieces and nephews always feel that from me.  So to Steph and Jenn...thank you for being my initial examples...and to the rest of you...thank you for continuing with their example.