Monday, May 26


So I have a friend, we will call her Alice...yesterday somehow the subject of EFY came up. According to Alice's claim 75% of kids that attend EFY make out with someone while there make out. Having been to EFY as a participant once, and a counselor twice. I told her that I thought maybe 25% of kids that attended made out. So we made a wager (dinner at Kitty's and a DVD of my choice) and I sent out a mass text. So folks...without futher are the results.

(A side note: all those that did respond that they had never been to EFY were not counted in the results).

41 people responded. Of the 41 who responded 23 of them have been to EFY. Of the 23 respondants (including Red's brother) who attended EFY 5 of them made out with someone while at EFY. (actually only 4 made out with someone AT EFY. 1 of them (my counsin) made out with someone they met after the session of EFY ended...years later in his case actually. They were dating for a few months).

6-made out at EFY 26%

17-did not make out at EFY 74%

Most people responded with a simple yes or no. Ed of course had a delightful and entertaining response as always:

"I never went to EFY. If I would have known about the NCMO then I would have been first in line. I thought it was all spiritual..." He also commented that he was glad to see Alice went for the right reasons. :)

I am very excited about the dinner...and especially the DVD...I really hope they have a copy of Empire Records...that would just be the cherry on top!