Sunday, April 8

hair today, gone tomorrow

As I may have mentioned previously my aunt Steph is one of my most favorite people on the of the most influential in my life.  She is currently battling ovarian cancer.  She was diagnosed back in February(?) and started chemo a few weeks ago and as often times happens with chemotherapy her hair started falling out.  So my cousin shaved the rest off for her this past week.

I've often thought that losing your hair while battle cancer is just adding insult to injury.  I mean, I do believe it is just hair, but come on...a life threatening disease AND you have to lose your hair?!  I mean it seems like such a small thing, the hair...but hair really is a huge part of our cultural.  We spend, hundreds, even thousands of dollars to get it "just right", only to decide after a while that a completely different style and color is "just right".  There are musicals (which is fantastic) and movies (which was then turned into a musical and then redone again as a movie musical) and documentaries (so, so interesting and awesome) and songs (WAY too many to comment on) all about hair.  When we describe someone we almost always refer to their hair color, length, style, bang, no is a HUGE part of our to lose it IS really a big deal.

My aunt Steph, like I said, has been so influential in my helping me become the person I am today.  And so, as a kind of thank you to her, and because I know that no thank you will ever cover all that she has done for me and because I know it isn't easy for her to lose her hair...

my friend Erin was nice enough to do the honors.
As for the actual hair cutting experience itself...I loved it.  Erin and I were laughing and talking the whole time...about hair, about life, about love and the gospel and acceptance.  It was a great way to spend an evening.  We cut it outside so I didn't have a mirror to see the first cut or the many that came after...Erin took pictures while she cut and then we went in to the bathroom so I could take a look. I think she was a little nervous about my reaction...and if I'm being honest, I was a little nervous too...but I looked at it and rubbed my head (which I can't stop doing) and it was fine.  I mean, it really was just hair (which I am donating to locks of love because it is...was...long enough!!!)  Erin suggested we go get dinner and try it out in public...I kept forgetting I didn't have much hair anymore, until two girls at dinner could not stop staring at me.  Other than was fine.

So Steph, anytime you want to go out in public, I am happy to go along so you don't feel so alone :)  I also went to the grocery store last night...I didn't really notice if people were you may or may not know I LOVE the grocery store and get a bit focused when I am there, so I was somewhat oblivious to whether or not people stared.

So there you have it...and here are a few more photos...

the first cut...

half a mullet

profile of half mullet...I think this was Erin's favorite stage...

ready for the razor!
and we're done!

Tuesday, April 3

In trying to come up with a title for this post, clever or not, I had no I'm not really sure how this post will go...lacking for words and all...but here goes.

This little girl makes my heart melt anytime I lay eyes on her.  I feel like all true joy is bottled up inside of her and when you look at her you get a taste of it.  Seriously...I can be in the lowest of lows or foulest of all moods and one look at this little girl and I have a smile on my face.  

I don't know how to explain it and I feel as if there are no words to describe the awesome sauce that is this little lady.

Looking at her takes all the cares and stresses away, even if only from my mind...not in actual reality...although she very well may have super I will not put it past her. She is my little super hero...that is for sure...there is my title!  My little superhero.  I am so grateful for her.  I'm especially grateful that she FINALLY has warmed up to me...I've been warmed up to her since July 15th 2011, 10:00pm.

This is pre-warm to Brookie...


These two pictures were actually taken on the same day within seconds of each other, but they are such a good illustration of before and after.