Monday, March 22

Wheelchair incident #2

I love my sister Kerri...and here is ANOTHER one of the many, MANY reasons....check out this post first if you haven't already read makes this one all the more entertaining...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wheelchair incident #2

*Remember how I pulled the boy out of his wheelchair when I thought he was putting his hand out to help me? Well really he was just putting his hand out to give me a high five.

Anyway, on monday it was fhe again. Camree and I went to the girls apartment, and Josh (the wheelchair boy) wasn't there, and jacob, his stupid roommate who has called me fat twice, but don't worry he is a loser 28 year old living in wyview so i don't feel too bad about it. Anyway he told camree and i to go get josh so we did. When we got back to the apartment we had a little dilemma. She lives on the second floor, and josh can't walk up stairs. usually some of the boys carry him up but this time it was just camree and me. So i decided i would give him a piggy back ride. Well i squated down in front of his wheelchair and wrapped his limbs around me. (that sounds weird but whatever). when i went to stand up i couldn't, seeing as i had his dead weight on me, not that it's that much. but anyway i lost my balance and fell backward on top of him. So we were just laying on the cement and i'm just laughing, so is he, maybe he was a little mad, but he didn't show it. These people that were sitting in the car, watching the whole thing came running out of the car asking if we needed help. I felt bad but i wanted to prove that i could give him a piggy back. so i asked them to put him on my back, and they did and it ended happily ever after.

I probably shouldn't marry anybody in a wheelchair.

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