Friday, April 23

One of my favorite poems


No one could believe Jenny
Was happy living alone
So she soberly accepted their sympathy
Like she accepted other
White Elephants
She put in a big box
In the back closet
And thanked them very much

Then...clicked the lock quick
As if hiding a secret

And ate a big salad
In front of the whales and dolphins

And spent an hour
At her keyboard
Processing her words

And sat twenty minutes
At the window
Watching the storm dance branches

And stayed on the phone
An hour and a half
Until a hundred hungry children
Were fed

And then took a bath
Three chapters long

And slept smiling and sprawled
In her queen sized bed.

~Carol Lynn Pearson

We can all be stars...warning for virgin ears...3 expletives...but worth it!

Tuesday, April 20

Lacking in inspiration...

1. The first thing I do in the morning is justify why I do not need to get up at 7:00am and then proceed to go back to sleep until 8:00am.

2. Every night before bed I DANCE IT OUT!!!

3. My favorite thing to do when I'm having a bad day is be outside listening to music.

4. Something that makes me cringe...I can't think of anything right now...

5. Social situations are something I need to be in the mood for.

6. I like to collect books, Hot Wheels, Pez dispensers, and Converse shoes.

7. Weekends are for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!

Wednesday, April 14


Today I am happy.

I have the most adorable nephew. (as evidenced by the photo)

The sun is shinning.

The skies are blue.

I got a whiff of freshly mowed grass.

I'm going to see a friend tonight that I haven't seen in YEARS.

I don't have chemistry lab anymore! (although it may just be what allows me to pass my chem class)

I have an iPod full of great tunes.

I have a summer of concerts and barbecuing to look forward to.

I have new friends that are pretty awesome.

I have old friends that are totally bitchin'.

I love my family...they crack me up (and are also totally bitchin' my sister reminded me).

I know what I believe and I like what I believe.

I'm moving forward.

I don't know what the rest of my life will bring, but whatever it is, I will always be Brooke Lee Russell...and that makes me smile.

Friday, April 9

I can't help it...I just do...

I don't watch American Idol fact I'd never seen American Idol until the year that Carrie Underwood was on...and that was after my friend Lori called me during one of her performances one night to tell me to turn on the TV. That performance was her performance of "Alone". I watched every episode after that...and I have LOVED Carrie Underwood ever since...I know there are some haters out there, but that girl has some pipes and she can sing! I tried watching a seasons after that one, but there has just never been a performer to equal, let alone rival, her performances...I did watch faithfully during the Adam Lambert season...and I've caught a few performances this season...but this season is not great...just give the title and record deal to Crystal Bowersox and let's move on. I hope someday Idol can discover another idol like Carrie...that was enjoyable television to watch...until then...this will just have to do...

Oh...and Simon was right...she has gone on to outsell every other Idol winner.(Simon is ALWAYS right...except that Big Mike save the other night...what the? I didn't see it, but I did see him perform the night before...nothing worth saving)