Saturday, December 26

Blogging resolution

For Christmas my mom and dad were the and got me a new laptop. It is actually a graduation/Christmas present...yes, graduation from college which happened in 2002. But let me tell you that it has been WELL. WORTH. THE. WAIT. Yesterday while I was exploring my new gift my sister Kerri told me that now that I have a computer I should blog everyday. So in attempt to not let my little sister down I am blogging today, and while make an attempt to blog everyday...ok, so that is REALLY NOT going to happen, but hopefully I will be better. And while I'm thinking of goals, resolutions, etc perhaps I will post mine for 2010. I've actually never been much for resolutions...I'm pretty much a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl and so resolutions don't usually work out well for me...but at times in my life I find myself wanting to be better and so I decide to work on a particular trait or issue. A few months ago I found myself wanting to be a kinder person. I've realized in the last few years, but more pointedly so in the last few months, that kindness should NEVER be underestimated. And so for the last few months I've been working on being a kinder person, and I think that it is a worthy resolution for 2010. I can't think of a catchy "Life will be sublime in 2009"...but that is ok because someone else made me a nice little rhyme that I learned as a child. I'm thinking of getting it tattooed on my wrist...however until I make a firm decision I will post it here:

"I want to be kind to everyone,
for that is right you see.
So I'll say to myself, remember this:
'Kindness begins with me'"

And as a plea to all those who read this, I would love your help in working on this, so when you see me, or read my blog, or email me, or text me, or call me...ask me how my resolution is going.

Thursday, December 17

There really is a "Funeral for the Whales"!!!

Many moons ago...I believe it was the summer of 2002, the Russell family found themselves cruising on a a ship off the coast of Alaska. It was a wonderful vacation filled with laughs, love, and lies...."LIES?!" you say? Yes, lies. One balmy Alaskan day the four Russell children found themselves in the cruise ship's cafe. As they sat there laughing and eating...probably ice cream...(give me a break, it's been a few years since this trip) they heard a song on the loud speaker and began discussing it. The oldest of the Russell children, Brooke, thought it was reminiscent of an Enya song (YES, I like Enya). While the youngest, Kerri, said she actually knew what the song was. It was a song called "Funeral for the Whales". She went on to explain that it was on a video she watched in her American history class. The song was played anytime a cruise ship hit a whale and killed it. Of course the other three Russell children were skeptical, and called Kerri out on her "Funeral for the Whales" tale. She laughed and admitted that it wasn't a song played when cruise ships hit whales, but that it really was a song from the video she watched in history class...she even went as far as to give the title of the video..."America the Beautiful" or something like that. She said the song really was called "Funeral for the Whales" and that it was part of this video. Well, as far as the Russell children go (no offense other Russell children) Kerri was definitely the kindest, and most why wouldn't Brooke have believed her. (I would dare say that Kelli and Scott believed her too, but they would just deny it).

The trip ended, after much merriment and good times were had. Months went by or perhaps it was only weeks, but one day Kerri started laughing as she told everyone that "Funeral for the Whales" wasn't real and she had made it all up. The Russell family had a good laugh, and now refer to any of Kerri's "stories" as "Funeral for the Whales".

The other day I was browsing through my MSNBC RSS feeds and came across this story about a group who is working to save the whales from the Japanese whaling industry. I laughed right out loud..."Funeral for the Whales" DOES exist! You can see it performed here! It is actually quite an interesting story and the song is a bit creepy and might actually do it's intended job of scaring off the whalers.

Wednesday, December 16

Ten Reasons Why Scottie is my FAVORITE BROTHER EVER!!!

10. He is FUNNY. He makes us ALL laugh. ALL the time.

9. He is HUMBLE...seriously...I'm amazed at his humility because if I was that great, there is NO WAY I would be humble!

8. He is GENEROUS...he has a "homeless fund" in his car for people standing on the street corners.

7. He is an EXCELLENT listener.

6. He makes good beef jerky.

5. His "Dad" skills are TOP NOTCH!
(Word on the street is that his husband skills are too...Mattie?).


3. He is a very spiffy dresser.

2. He has always been there for me when I needed advice.


and that really isn't the number one reason...the REAL number one reason is that you are truly the best example of what a "real man" should be!

Sunday, December 13


I just have to quickly say how thankful I am right now. I missed posting anything in the way of "thanks" for Thanksgiving...and my last post was NOT so Christmas-cheerish....but as I sat in my parent's living room tonight watching White Christmas (ha ha ha) with my mom and sister, and earlier playing Mario Kart with my brother and sister (in-law), and about three minutes ago while reading my aunt's blog...I realized that I'm truly blessed and SO VERY LUCKY to have the family that I have. We're far from perfect, and yet for me...they are THE. PERFECT. FAMILY.

I'm especially grateful that we can be together for eternity...I don't feel that way ALL the time ;) but in the big's pretty rad!

In the words of Tina Turner, they are "simply the best".

Monday, December 7

Christmas Cheer...not here....

I realized today that it has been over a month since I last posted. I apologize to my avid readers (insert sarcasm). I usually am all about the writing, but I've felt uninspired this holiday season...which is really a shame because generally I enjoy the holidays...unfortunately I'm lacking in holiday cheer this year. I have made attempts to find my excitement...Thanksgiving dinner was tasty enough, and I did get to see The Blind Side which was excellent, and spending time with my extended family is ALWAYS a good time.

But then Thanksgiving was over and now it is December and I should be jumping for joy with Christmas cheer...but I'm not. I went Christmas tree shopping with some friends last week to see if that would help...not so much. I watched a Christmas devotional last night and listened the the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing...and yet I am STILL lacking in the Christmas cheer department. This week I'm going to attend the Mo Tab's annual Christmas concert and hopefully that will help. This evening I am off to see the Zoo Christmas lights...and I'm sure some time this week I will make it downtown to see the lights on and around Temple Square...until then you can call me Scrooge. No...actually you can't. You see I'm not actually in a BAD mood, I'm just NOT in the Christmas mood. Suggestions of course are welcome :)