Saturday, December 22

OK, OK GEEZ...CALM DOWN!!! sister in law...or maybe it is my brother...or both...kind of got on my well as a few other people for not posting my defense...I did just move 27 days ago...which I suppose does call for a new I do have friends living in other countries who are dying to see my new place...not much to see...but it's home! So this post is my official Thanksgiving post.

This year, Thanksgiving was done Norman Rockwell style. Maybe my family didn't think so...but we had a huge family meal in a small southern Utah town, where EVERYONE knows my dad's family and we all just sat around in the house that he and his five siblings grew up people! How did they do it?!

Just a brief overview of the was the first traditional, homecooked, family meal that I have had for Thanksgiving in...I would venture to say...oh...10 years or so?! We had turducken one year (duck stuffed in a chicken stuffed in a turken), but we go out all the time...which I love...but it is fun to get together and eat riediculous amounts of food! So we drove down to Cedar City Wednesday night...oh and that trip is for SURE worth mentioning!!!

The car ride was suppose to consist of myself, Kelli Jean, Scottie, and Mattie. Kerri was going to be riding down earlier with my mother and father. Scott...being the sentimental type...or maybe just mental...thought it would be "fun" if all the kids rode together. That, indeed, might be fun...if we were still driving our Ford Aerostar Van...but alas...we were not...we rode Scott's and MAttie's Sanota! GREAT CAR...don't get me wrong...but for three be sitting in the back seat...for what is typically of 3.5 hour just...well let's just say...I love family togetherness (well sometimes) but that was jus a bit too together! Although now it is funny, and frankly I even laughed during the drive did Scott and Mattie who were sitting comfortably in the front seats. Kelli and Kerri, however were NOT laughing...especially Kerri...but we had a good time...playing..."If you were stranded on a deseret island..." yes, deseret...ask Scott. Well if Kelli was stranded on a "deseret island" and she could only have one person with her she would have Jesus! Way to go Kelli...she probably wouldn't really need to worry about anything else...fishes and loaves, water into wine...I'd say she's pretty set. Oh and one more thing about the was not a 3.5 hour was more like...5.5 hours! But we made it, and Dad bought us dinner, and Kelli, Kerri, and Mom and I saw mom said she will never go to a movie again with Kelli and I...we tend to laugh kind of loud when something is funny...and it was.

So here are pictures of the family dinner, and walk around's a very small town...I had pictures, but I can't find them now...anyway...I hope you enjoy...I sure did!!

Dad and his sister Lucinda and her daughter Sydney...Southern Utah is GORGEOUS!!!

Mom and Lucinda decided to be twins this year!

Just a good time.