Tuesday, August 25

originals and covers by Kelli Jean

My sister is truly amazing.





Monday, August 24

Mom, Mama, Mommy, Mother, Lorie

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my wonderful mother. I would tell you how old she is but I'm really not sure...for years I kept telling people she was 29...but then I was suddenly 29 and that just didn't add up anymore...so now I still tell people she is 29, even though I'm 30. In all fairness, my mom is still super young at heart, as evidenced by this previous post. And in my, apparently new found tradition, my birthday dedication would not be complete without a top ten list...so here you go mama!

Don't hate me mom...I just really love this picture!



(because she really, really does)

10. She is a great cook...not only do I have family to back me up on this, but also friends, who have enjoyed many a delicious "Sunday dinner" at the Russell home

9. She has a great love for literature...(which is a benefit as an English teacher)...and even better, she has passed it onto her children.

8. She is a great driver. I am one of the most nervous passengers of all time, but I've ALWAYS felt safe with my mom...she IS the best driver in the family. (Sorry Kerri...you're the best kid driver, but mom is definitely best overall)

7. She taught me to keep a clean home. Even though she thinks that her house is often a mess, it really isn't, and I keep a clean home because of her example (though as a young child it was SUPER annoying to feel as if I was always cleaning)

6. She married my dad and they made some of the best. kids. EVER!

5. She has unwavering faith in her beliefs. She is, always has been, and always will be, my greatest example of that.

4. She has a sense of humor that is rivaled by very few...and she has passed it along to her children.
3. She has always done an amazing job of making every one of her children feel like we are her favorite...at least I feel like that :)
2. She is close to her immediate and extended family and has taught me the importance of doing the same.

1. She is my mama!


Sunday, August 23

watch it

My friend Cali posted this on her blog recently...since not all of you who read my blog, read her blog, I thought I would pass it along...it is worth every minute of your time.

Saturday, August 22

Jonah Boy Turns One

On August 23rd, Jonah Scott Russell will have completed his first year of life! As cliche as this sounds, it really does seem like only a few months ago we were in Midway at the cabin and Mattie went into lLabor. That was a crazy day full of driving, triathlons, weddings, police citations, but most importantly...the debut of Jonah Scott Russell. He has truly brought joy to our entire family...as well as Mattie's. If I had a music player on my blog I would have Gladys Knight and Pips, "You're the Best Thing That Ever Happen to Me" Because the J-man is the best thing to happen to the Russell family! I hope that many more "best things" happen...Scott, I'm talking to you...MORE BABIES! :)

I love you Jonah boy...happy birthday! I'm sure you'll be spoiled! And of course no "shout out" blog entry would be complete without a top ten list...

TOP TEN REASONS THAT I (but probably just about everyone) LOVES JONAH BOY...

10. He has the cutest smile...genetics are wonderful.

9. Making Jonah laugh is one of the best highs around.

8. He LOVES to have his picture taken (as evidenced by the photo above)

7. He is such a stylish dresser (although that would be more props to his mom and dad)

6. When he was younger (I know, how much younger can a one year old be) I would hold him and talk to him in his ear and he would fall asleep and I could hold him there for hours...those are probably still some of my favorite moments of life ever!

5. He likes me again...he went through a little phase during which he would cry when he saw me...glad that's over...DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN JONAH! ;)

4. He puts everyone in a good mood. Seriously...if you're having a bad day, go hang out with Jonah for a while (although this may not be true for his parents...because let's face it...what kid really puts their parents in a good mood all the time)?!

3. He is a little ball of personality! Such an entertainer.

2. He is turning into a "chatty Kathy"...or "chatty Chad" (since he is a boy)...now if I could just understand what he was saying....



Monday, August 17

coolest family ever

So as mentioned in the previous post my sister Kerri just turned 18 on Friday. For her birthday she decided that she wanted to go sky diving. So she wrote a will and the whole family drove out to Sky Dive Utah in Erda/Tooele...not sure of the city limits...basically I have the coolest family ever...as evidenced by these photos!
Heading out to the plane...amazingly...neither of them seemed nervous...my mom was worried about the whole "height" issue, but the jumpers assured her it wasn't a height thing...and sure enough when they landed Kerri confirmed it. "It wasn't a height thing at all...you couldn't even see the ground!"

Here is Lorie coming down. They free fell for about a minute and then about 8 minutes of floating and spinning and flipping...how could you NOT love that!

Here comes Kerri!

Goose and Maverick return triumphant...and EXTREMELY STOKED!!!

My mom loved it so much that she tried to convince my dad...but he feels like jumping out a plane isn't something he really ever needs to do...keeping trying mom!

I would say, all in all it was a pretty great 18th birthday for Kerri (and my mom)!

(To see an entire album click this link: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=101247&id=668944314&l=966cc12a90)

Friday, August 14

The last 18.

Today, August 14, 2009, my youngest sibling turns 18 years old. I am somewhat shocked by this fact. My little baby sister is now of legal voting age...if she were to find herself getting caught in any illegal activities she would be tried as an adult (most likely anyway). My sister Kelli will turn 20 on September 3rd and then Kerri will be the last teenager in our family. I'm not sad to see them growing up...it is so odd that they're closing in on adulthood...well...young adulthood...but in truth I'm SUPER excited about it. As we've all gotten older we've become closer as siblings. Spending time with one another is so much more enjoyable...which if funny because most of the time while we're together we are still acting as goofy and immature as ever...but somehow...as pseudo grown-ups its ten times more entertaining....strange how that works. Anyway...Kerri...I love you and am so lucky to be your sister. HAPPY BIRTHDAY...here's to you...


10. She is HI-LARIOUS...Kerri comes up with the quickest, wittiest remarks on the spot.

9. She LOVES Jesus and she isn't afraid to let people know. :)

8. She is really just the salt of the earth. So humble and loving and so genuinely kind and good.

7. She is a fabulous dresser and someday when I'm wealthy I will pay her to be my personal shopper.

6. She possess the wonderful ability to find the humor in most situations and can laugh a lot of things off that others may not find as humorous. Go Lady Wild Cats basketball!!! ;)

5. I've said it before and I'll say it again...her natural athletic abilities are INSANE!

4. She can ALWAYS bring a smile to my face.

3. She is brave (or crazy...not sure which one) as evidenced by her upcoming sky diving adventure.

2. She tells the best knock knock jokes

and the #1 reason that Kerri is awesome...


Monday, August 10

random musings and an update or two...

My sister Kelli has been giving me a hard time about my lack of blogging...and I suppose a month is a long time to go between blogs...so here goes...

I do have a Russell Family Vacation- "Idaho Style" to blog about...but that will have to wait...left the pictures at home...sorry mom.

So let's see...what can a I blog about...

Ok...first...let's talk about my love for Facebook...I didn't want to love it...but I do...I have found so many friends...that I otherwise would have missed out on...for example...Jessica Smith Kinsey...Jessi was my very best friend my junior senior years of high school...I wouldn't have made it through without her...and her mom and sister...and I am INSANELY excited to go and visit her in Yuma...ok so not necessarily excited about the Yuma part, since even at the end of September it is still in the 90's during the day...but to see my dear friend...I will even brave the hellacious heat of Yuma, Arizona

I also love being able to see how some of my favorite friends from Chicago and Las Vegas and SUU are doing...it always brings a smile to my face...be it a status update, or pictures, or comments...it's just nice to know how my friends are. Speaking of...if anyone from Chicago knows where Stephanie Thomas is...or how she is doing...I would love an update!

Ok second...My friend Jennifer Platts is awesome...that just can't be said enough. I could list all her wonderful qualities and accomplishments...but that really could take quite a while...so let me just say this...I'm truly blessed and so very lucky to be able to call her my friend.

Also I'd like to give a "shout out" to my friend Aubry ...who I continue to be amazed by...thanks friend.

Oh...perhaps an update on the job search/career/life decision...I have narrowed it down...I am either joining the Peace Corps or going to nursing school...perhaps even both...all feedback is welcome.

Oh...and one last thing...I have such a wonderful family...so funny, and always entertaining...last Sunday at dinner we had a classic "Wall" family water fight...it started with my little cousin Cameron who LOVES water fights...but he never seems to be able to get enough people excited on a Sunday evening to have one...I'm not sure what it was about this last Sunday...perhaps it was the sweltering heat, or the "drought" between water fights...whatever it was...it spawned a pretty decent water fight in which almost all members of the family...except maybe the wusses...got soaked...including Grandpa IVon, who has always been a champion water fighter! Thanks again Camo for the great time!

There you go Kell Bell...and everyone else...and I promise...more to come this week from R.F.V. Idaho Style!