Friday, October 30

I don't know why...but it STILL bothers me...

that many, many moons ago (2003 to be exact) the Dixie Chicks were ostracized for the following comment: "Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas." I understand that the political climate was vastly different than it is now and that they said in London but imagine if they had made that comment just two years ago...

I'm not a political person. I vote because it is a right and civic duty, but I don't often have strong feelings regarding out political leaders...I didn't have strong feelings about W, and I don't have strong feelings about Obama...but I DO have strong feelings about the Dixie Chicks...I'm not even sure why, since I don't love country all that much...but it just seems so ridiculous to me that these things happened to unfair...and I AM a fan of justice...I do know you reap what you sew and you have to pay the piper, etc...but what happened to them was so extreme and as I sat here listening to Taking the Long Way, I could not help but get irritated all over again.

I realize this was a random outburst, but still after all these years, it really frosts my cookies!

Tuesday, October 13

My Dad

Today is my Dad's birthday...and in true Brooke fashion here is a top ten list of why my dad is the greatest....

10. He has a great smile...and because of do I!

9. He has really great hair and you can't really see the gray, and I'm super excited...because I got his hair too!

8. He's very friendly, and can have a conversation with just about anyone...I think I got that from him as well.

7. He can sleep anywhere...I mean anywhere! And it has made for some hilarious times!

6. He's adventurous...he started skiing and biking in his forties.

5. He doesn't really like chocolate...and neither do take that all you chocolate lovers!

4. He is a hard worker.

3. He drilled into my a nice way...the importance of an education.

2. He also taught me that you can't always get what you want and because of that...I am a better person.

And the #1 reason why I have the best dad ever...


Thursday, October 1


I wanted to title this "Best Buy Sucks" but my mom hates that word, so in an effort to bring happiness to her life we will go with lame.

I have been in the market for a new computer for a while and I have been saving up to buy a Mac. But when I found out I was losing my job I decided that I should probably NOT spend almost $2,000.00 for a new computer. I have always liked HP and have had good luck...and I don't mind "being a PC". So with that I set out last Thursday to buy a new laptop.

I looked around for a while...had two not so helpful sales people bother me...the first guy was totally unwilling to give him his thoughts and opinions about ANYTHING...what is the point of a sales person if they are unwilling to sale you on something!? Best Buy needs to take a lesson from Nordstrom. (Thanks for all your help aunts, grandma and mother would not have been so well dressed).

Finally I decided on HP...very pretty, very white...just like me ;) The sales girl who was now helping me was so insecure and really had NO idea what she was doing, but I was patient, and she took me to the customer service desk so that the "Geek Squad" (who were not nearly as handsome as Zachery Levi) could install some antivirus software and set up my new HP notebook. It cost me $60.00 for their work, but it was worth it since I didn't want a bunch of ads, etc constantly popping up. They said it would take about 2 took three, but I was ok because the Geek Squad member who helped me was nice. I took my laptop home to play. Since I did not have the password for the wireless network at my complex I did not get on line that day. But I tested other things out and it was great. I was super excited!

I went to my mom's the next day to try out the Internet, but was unable to pull up any websites. All signs pointed to me being connected and my mom's computer was working, as was my sister's in I figured it was a product problem. I took the computer back is what happened:

After making a few attempts on the same secured network I took it back. The Geek Squad guy ran some diagnostics and determined that there were 12 viruses on my computer. I had never even managed to get on line. I had had the computer less than a week and had not really used it. The rep said it would be $130.00 to remove the viruses or I could return it but would lose $94.50 for a restocking fee, AND I would not receive a refund for the Standard Security and Performance check. I was extremely upset, since the security check had been in vain. I was also upset because I was never even able to use the product. Not too mention that Geek Squad rep that helped me today was totally unsympathetic and had no customer service skills at all. I will not being shopping at Best Buy again, or using the Geek Squad and I will be more than willing to tell anyone about my poor experience...hence the blog. I have written Best Buy a letter and will be MORE than happy to discourage ANYONE from shopping there. Having worked in customer service for many years I know how damaging one bad experience can be...I am happy to do that damage!