Friday, June 21

4th Street Laundry

For those who know me well, or keep up with me on Facebook (which I hope is one in the same) know how much I love my laundromat.  4th Street Laundry on 400 East and 1700 South in Salt Lake City.  It is clean.  It has plenty of washers and dryers.  The price is right. There is free wi-fi.  My favorite coffee shop is right next store. (Alchemy...another gem...delicious Italian sodas!) And there are places to sit outside when the weather is nice.

I have always loved the laundromat. I've always found it to be a calming place for me.  And I love the fact that I have to set aside time for it.  It forces me to have some chill time and I like that.  (You should like to too; you're getting a blog post out of it.)  Plus I love the way it smells.  Clean clothes.  Fresh laundry. Few smells make me happier.

Today I was reminded again of why I love this place so much.  When I arrived today so did the owner.  It is not unusual to see him here.  I see him almost every time that I do my laundry.  Whether he is here cleaning, upkeep for the machines, or he has come to help a customer with an issue.  Today he was here because a customer lost some change to a machine.  As he got out of his car he saw me and waved and came over and asked how I was doing and then held the door as I carried my laundry in.  He found the couple who lost their change.  Got it back for them and gave them a free load of wash.  They told him how much they love this place and that they will be telling all their friends. I smiled and said, I gush on Facebook every single time I come here.  The owner was so appreciative of the praise and had the biggest smile on his face.

You guys...seriously...for those who have a washer and dryer...if you ever had a laundry emergency or need to wash your comforters...4th Street Laundry is the place to go.  And for those of you who need a laundromat...this is the place to come.

Monday, May 13

All 'Likes' All the Time

The other day at work I was talking with my friend Sara and I made the comment (no idea why) "All 'Likes' all the time!"  I decided it would be a good blog title for Mondays.  Mondays always seem to be really rough for people.  They definitely use to be for me.  Then they weren't for a while.  Unfortunately they are again, so in order to get back to liking Mondays again, I am going to just take a few moments on Mondays to list off a few things, that as far as I'm concerned are "All 'Likes' all the time!"

First we begin with this awesome video.  I have my wonderful Uncle Dave to thank for introducing this to me.  When I watch it (and I've watched it quite a few times) I can't help but smile and want to take a "dance break".

My second "All 'Likes' all the time" for today is my family.  If you've read my blog or are friends with me on Facebook you know how much I love them.  This weekend was no exception to their awesomeness.  My mom and sisters (well Mattie and Kelli since Kerr Bear is in Virginia) and I took our (my mom and I) kayaks out to the Great Salt Lake and then hit up Kneaders for lunch.  It was a lovely mother's day field trip.

The day continued with pedicures, frozen custard form Nielsen's and an awesome trip to the grocery store.  Then Sunday arrived and despite being slightly fried on my shins (NOT "All 'likes' all the time") I made a pumpkin chocolate chip cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate ganache.

There was a wonderful meal at my grandpa's house.  Wrestling with my kiddos.  TALKING TO KERR BEAR ON  SKYPE!!!  And just an awesome meal with some awesome peeps...including Dave, Steph, Katie, Mama, Kelli, Grandpa, Scottie, Mattie, Lyla and Jonah.

I honestly can't think of a better way to spend my Sunday evening.

Now maybe these "All 'Likes' all the time" don't seem super fantastically awesome for you, but man or man, they made starting Monday a lot a bit better.

Friday, April 12

Just so you know...

...this is what I believe

-the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored on the earth.
-it was done through Joseph Smith who, for all his imperfections, is a prophet who was called by God.
-the Book of Mormon is indeed another testament of Jesus Christ.
-it is a book written thousands of years ago; though it was written for this day in age.
-Jesus Christ suffered in the garden of Gethsemane. He suffered at the hands of Roman guards, and then as a final insult was hung on a cross. After which, having completed his earthly mission, he commended his soul to God, his literal Father.
-through these actions, known as the Atonement, I can overcome adversity, be forgiven of my sins, and find peace in this life despite the tribulation around me.
-the Savior taught us to love one another as he loves us.
-in loving, the Savior treated all with love and respect.  He did good to his fellow man.
-in our loving one another as he loves us, we must do the same.
-marriage is an eternal institution.
-Heavenly Father intended marriage to be the sealing of one man and one woman to each other.
-this country was founded by people seeking freedom OF religion.
-this country was founded by people seeking freedom FROM religion.
-I prefer to be in an intimate, romantic relationship with a woman.
-sex is something that should be reserved for the bonds of marriage.
-My preference for the ladies is not a choice.
-I have preferred the ladies as far back as I can remember.
-I have the freedom to choose how to live my life.
-all people have this freedom.
-people are free to agree or disagree with one another.
-I cannot tell another person how to live their life.
-I cannot tell another person what their beliefs should be.
-I believe in absolute truth.
-I live in a world where everyone does not believe in absolute truth.
-I base my choices on my beliefs.
-I do not have all the answers.
-I do not expect all people to base their choices on my beliefs.
-I believe in following the laws of the land.
-I believe in our judicial process. 
-Children deserve loving homes.
-there is something to be said for the absence/presence of a strong and loving female influence and a strong and loving male influence in a child's immediate surroundings.
-loving homes come in all shapes and sizes.
-I am a daughter of my Father in Heaven. He is the father of my spirit. I have the potential to be like him.
-ultimately my life is between myself and my Father in Heaven. sister Kelli made this amazing video a few months back.  I believe in this video. 

Wednesday, January 23

A real opinion

I am not one to express a strong opinion about anything that serious when it comes to my blog, Facebook or any other social public media.  I will express my VERY STRONG opinions about how wrong it is to mix tuna with miracle whip and then eat that gross mixture on white bread...don't even get me started about adding pickles...GROSS.  Anywho...I listened to this report today and found it to be absolutely ridiculous and could not refrain from sharing my thoughts. Listen to the audio or read the article by clicking on the "Summary" link in the media player.

Mr. Monson would like Utah to end it's support of the Sundance Film Festival because some of the films at the festival do not reflect Utah values because some of the films shown at the festival portray sexual promiscuity.  Has Mr. Monson been to a movie theatre in Salt Lake...almost anywhere in Utah...recently?  There are plenty of movies at the Broadway and Tower that would fall in that category, but beyond that, there are plenty of movies at Cinemark Theatres and Megaplex Theatres that would fall into that category as well.  Would Mr. Monson like us to shut down all movie theatres?  If you don't want to watch that kind of movie, don't watch it.  Mr. Redford is not forcing anyone to see these movies.

After reading the article on NPR I read Mr. Monson's blog post on the Sutherland Institute's website.  He asks what message the state's support of Sundance sends to society and specifically to the children of Utah. Frankly, I don't think it sends any sort of message to children of Utah since I would imagine children, if they have ever heard the word Sundance, associate it with the ski resort, or if they have been well versed in movies, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Most likely however, I imagine the majority of children in the sate of Utah don't even know what the Sundance Film Festival is, or know which movies are playing at the film festival or how to search to find out which movies are playing at the festival.  There are not trailers on tv or the internet (for the majority of the movies).  Most people, unless the care to know, have no idea which movies are playing at the Sundance Film Festival.  I just took a poll in my office.  Out of six people ZERO knew the title or even a description of any movie at the festival.  One coworker didn't even know what the festival was...not kidding.  Those with children (3 of the 6) mentioned that their children did not know what the festival was or did not care and definitely none of them knew what movies are playing.

As for a message to society...well I hate to be Debbie Downer but that message of "sexual promiscuity" is being shared all over the world and very vocally by people/organizations/companies who have zero to do with the Sundance Film Festival.  As stated in Mr. Monson's post...the revenue from Sundance is only 0.064 of the state's total annual economic activity.  SIGNIFICANTLY more is being spent by those people/organizations/companies whose main agenda is sexual promiscuity.  If he is trying to curb the message of sexual promiscuity I think his efforts would be better focused on those groups.

I am all for promoting my values...for anyone promoting their own values.  But I try to do so in a way that makes sense i.e. I try to live my life in a way that is the best example of what I believe (not saying I am always successful, but that is my M.O.).  The argument that having the Sundance Film Festival in Utah is sending a wrong message to our children is just not a strong one, in fact, it is just plain laughable.

There are many movies at  the Sundance Film Festival, as well as other theatres, that do not reflect my values.  If they are offensive to me, I do not watch them.* If you find the subject matter offensive, don't take your kid to the movie.  But the filmmakers have a right to make those movies.  In fact I believe there is some sort of amendment saying something about their right...something about free speech...  I am also pretty certain there is an amendment, which the Sutherland Institute is in favor of, providing a right to bare arms.  So how about if we not overstate.  We live in a world where we can't hide from things we don't agree with.  But we do indeed have the power to choose what we give our time and attention to.

And while I would not tell Mr. Monson that he doesn't have the right to share his opinion, because he absolutely fact he has the right to campaign to get rid of Sundance...but if he is going to do that...I think he needs to have some stronger reasoning.

And yes, I know, the Sutherland Institute is a VERY conservative think tank on par with the Eagle Forum...but I just could not keep my self from commenting.

That is all.  Thank you for your time...and don't will be another year before I express an opinion on anything serious again.

Oh and I am seeing THREE Sundance movies this week. :)

*While there are some movies at Sundance I have no interest in seeing, there are plenty that I am dying to see.  And they do not reflect my personal values, but that doesn't mean I won't appreciate the film.