Friday, October 31

why I don't particulary have feelings of goodness towards Halloween, but pizza is great!

As many of you may already know I strongly dislike...loathe really, Halloween. So I am going to put the reasons out there for all to see. That way I will not have to explain myself each year.

Kindergarten-I left for school with an apple...for apple my bag. When I got to school my apple had slipped out of hole that had made it's way into my bag. My teacher was a very mean lady and as a punishment I did not get to participate in Halloween activities because I was irresponsible. SERIOUSLY! Not a nice woman.

3rd Grade-The year of the mummy. One of the many talents my mom has is her creativity. This year she suggested that I be a mummy. Sounds cool enough. I like classic monsters-vampires, mummies, werewolves, creatures from the Black Lagoon, etc... Little did I know what I was getting myself into. So at lunch I walked home from school (it was safe back in those days) and while home my mom proceeded to wrap me head to toe in Ace bandages. I wore thermals underneath. THEN...I had to walk BACK TO SCHOOL DRESSED AS A MUMMY! It wasn't extremely far, but far enough that it was awkward and uncomfortable for a 3rd grader. Which is odd because it's like as if I have ever been a self conscience child...I don't know what it was that bothered me so much.

In Chicago it tended to rain on most Halloween nights. My mom wasn't a huge fan of Halloween (which is weird because she has made some amazing costumes in addition to the mummy) so walking me door to door in the rain was not her idea of fun. And candy was not a real motivating factor for me, so at least one year she talked me into Chuck E. Cheese. I love ski ball so that was pretty great. As my brother got old enough, we went trick or treating together around our neighborhood and that was pretty fun. But my favorite part was that we almost always had pizza on Halloween for dinner...even if it WASN'T on a weekend! (Ok let me explain the excitement there-we ate pizza almost every weekend when we lived in could we not?!
We lived in CHICAGO! HOME OF THE BEST DEEP DISH PIZZA [Gino's East]...and actually CPA [Chicago Pizza Authority] had great thin crust pizza and the B-E-S-T Italian beef sandwiches that came with a side of steak fries and slaw. So having pizza wasn't a big deal...but having pizza on a weeknight was a HUGE deal. My mom cooked dinner Sunday through Thursday...which also great).

So the dressing up, getting candy, bobbing for apples (stupid kindergarten teacher)...none of those things were motivation enough for me to get excited about Halloween. There is a good possibility that I had good experiences on Halloween my Freshman and Sophomore years of high school because I was friends with Aja and she was super creative and I know she would have come up something great. But for the life of me I cannot remember. During my junior year I did go trick or treating as a cereal killer (I strung a bunch of boxes around my neck and put plastic forks and knifes in them). We went to about seven houses and then we were done. It was ok...nothing exciting. I have no idea what I did my senior year. In college I came to really dislike it because it was just an excuse for girls to dress as slutty as possible.

And furthermore Halloween is NOT a holiday...unless you're a pagan, or from a Latin culture. It is just an excuse to sell candy at a higher price.

So there you have it. I don't like Halloween, and some day when I have children of my own I will give it another chance...because that is when Halloween will be great. When I have kids. I must nephew was adorable in his costume...whether he was a bat or a mouse...that is silver lining on the dark cloud that is Halloween.

Monday, October 27

I heart Jonah...and I am not talking about my nephew...although I love him too.

I have been attempting to read the Old Testament. A handful of trusted friends, who have either taught it in seminary or institute, or meticulously studied it, are constantly talking it up. So, it is my turn to make an attempt to read the book that seems daunting and boring to every seminary student. (I did sit through O.T. seminary. I took it from a teacher who did not know how to teach. He struggled, but he was a great man who constantly expressed his love for the Savior).

My first look into it was 1st and 2nd Samuel. I didn't delve into Samuel as much as I should and will repent, and return again. But I did delve into the story of David and Jonathan and their deep, abiding friendship. It is one of the greatest expressions of friendship I have ever read and is a testament to the importance of that particular relationship among man. The words are passionate, and piercing. I think it is a great example of the love and friendship that the Savior must feel for each one of us.

My second look was into Jonah...and I have been stuck there for about a two weeks. Not because I am struggling, but because the book of Jonah, Jonah's story, his relationship with God, his personality, has touched me in a way that I cannot fully explain. Along with my trusty O.T study guide, and some insight from a friend, I have come to understand, not only the story of Jonah better, but the nature of my own relationship with myself, and with my Father in Heaven. I can only hope, that if I do not get married in this life, Jonah will still be single in the next because I am pretty sure he and I are a match made in heaven. :)

Though many plain and precious truths have been lost for the Bible, with an open and willing heart, and some bonus insight, there is a wealth of discovery in that book. I am so grateful for it.

P.S. Scottie and Mattie...GREAT choice on the baby name!!!

Thursday, October 2

an addendum to the music musings

I have recently added Crazy Ever After by The Rescues and And Then You by Greg Laswell to my playlist. If Grey's Anatomy is good for one thing it is by far and away the music that it introduces me to. I could also say the same for my friend Alice...although she has many other great attributes besides her expanse of musical knowledge.

Wednesday, October 1

some simple musings

I realize it's been awhile since I have posted something, but in truth the most exciting thing in my life has been my nephew. Work is pretty crazy these days as I am working on an upgrade project for the main processing system for my don't want to hear's sounds boring, and it is tedious, but it has to be done. So that is what I spend most of my time doing.

As far as anything else new and exciting...I have come across some new to me...maybe not to you...that I have enjoyed...they comprise my playlist these days...some are peppy, some are mellow...but they get me through the day.

I'm You-Leona Lewis
Don't Let Go-Sarah McLachlan
Already Home-Ha*Ash w/ Brandi Carlile
Forever-Chris Brown
Elder Jeffery R Holland's CES fireside-A-MAZING!!!
Heart and Shoulder-Heather Nova
One Step at a Time-Jordin Sparks (I have no more pride)
Ever the Same-Rob Thomas
Pills-Sarah McLachlan w/ the Perishers
It Means Everything-Album-Save Ferris
One April Day-Stephen Merrit
Daydream Believer-Mary Beth Maziarz
New Soul-Yael Naim

So those are just some of the recent artists that grace my playlist to get me through my day.

Other than that I don't have much to post. My friend Erin has some great posts recently. And I recently found my friend Anya Hillstead from Las Vegas...that made my day. She is for sure one of the coolest girls I have ever met. Another friend from Las Vegas, Ashely Huffaker, has recently started a blog as well. Getting in touch with these two girls has brought a flood of Las Vegas memories...I have some great particular regarding hiking...especially with those two. Good times. But beyond the great memories, there is something that sticks out more in respect to both of these ladies...whether they know it or not, they have had an immense influence on me and how I live my life. I have A-MAZING friends. I really do...simply astounding the accomplishments so many of them have made in their lives...but there is a handful...maybe two handfuls...who really stick out for one reason in particular. Here it is-in all of the greatness of these aforementioned friends I have never felt less than them. In their lives they have accomplished so many great things, overcome insane odds NOT in their favor, done so much more than I may ever do...and yet, when I am in their presence, or having a brief email or blog encounter, I never feel anything other than my best self. These people, they help me to see who I really am, who I can and will be. I am unclear as to how they do this...but they do. I am grateful for these friends, past and present...and more than likely, future. I hope that I can one day have that same affect on people.

Anyway...those are my thoughts for now.