Monday, June 4

sunset on a dead sea

Rows is continuing to be the best true love ever!  And I realize you might get tired of stories about Rows...but she is currently my main squeeze and that is what people do when they have a significant about them and post pictures of their adventures together.

tonight I took her out on the Great Salt Lake with Shorts.  Shorts was a bit skeptical before we started, but by the end of the evening she was in love with Rows just as much as Candice and Annette.

It was a kind of windy off and on so that made for some interesting rowing experiences.  But where better to learn how to handle the wind than a place where I won't be drowning.

(I realize the pictures are not fantastic...but taking a picture on windy waters with a camera without a view finder or display is tough)
I didn't love the idea of being surrounded by seagulls...
and other various birds...but we were on their was absolutely beautiful to watch them cruise over the water.  They came fairly close to the boat a couple times...and I may have had a small freak out moment...

although the bird freak out did not compare to the mini meltdown that occurred when this lovely lady mentioned Jaws...NOT FUNNY.  I don't care if I am on a dead sea.

kicked back and relaxed on the water

setting sun

almost gone

I did not hate being out on this dead sea.  not a bad way to spend an evening. 

Friday, June 1

Rows, Rows, Rows the boat...

 She has a name...and her name is Rows.  She is sea worthy (read: Pineview worthy).
She is a wonderful lady.  I am so happy to welcome her into my family and even more excited that she finally has a name.

Folks...I may have found my true love.  After a lovely maiden voyage today on the gorgeous waters of Pineview in beautiful Huntsville with the lovely Annette Blackham, I can honestly say that I am in love with Rows.

She had a different name when we headed out on the water.  I wasn't totally sold on it...though I was sold on the name's awesomeness...just not for my boat.  I had initially thought that I should wait to name her until I was out on the I could see how she handled...but I felt like that might be bad go out on the water without a I gave her a name, but it was more a place holder kind of name.  Because there out on the water she told us her name...and her name is Rows.

I love Rows the boat. 
(It makes me laugh every time.)  
I think that Rows and I are going to have a wonderful life together.

about to set off on our maiden voyage

lovely Pineview.
lovelier Anette Blackham.