Monday, August 23

Handsome man!

Today is Jonah's birthday. He is two years old. He is the love of my life. I love this kid so much! Happy birthday Jo-G!
this is the J-man on his first birthday...

what have I been up to over the last year....
Jonah's favorite movie is the last few months each time he has been at my apartment we have watched Cars. Also notice the very WET and heavy diaper.
Enjoying Cars from the comfort of the pool!

A walk on the beach with mom
loving the water and the little waves

I'm a good looking fella!

Watering grandma Lorie's toes

I love my nephew as you can see...he brings a lot of laughs and just plain old good times.

We're all really happy to have him in our family.

Happy Birthday Jonah Scott Russell!!!

There once was a boy named Jonah
Who made me as happy as being in Kona
He was the most handsome man
Looking so cute with his summer tan
You're the best nephew I've ever known-a!!

Saturday, August 14

this is dedicated to one I love!

Last Saturday August 14, 2010 My littlest sister Kerri Ann Russell turned 19. I can't believe she only has one more year as a teenager. She is one of the kindest people that I know. I'm not just saying that because we have similar DNA...she just is so sweet...and she loves there's that.
cotton candy dress that mama made for a school dance.

pre jump photo from her FIRST time sky diving...yes, she's been twice.
post jump picture with a look of joy!

Jonah's first Christmas

RFV 2009??

RFV '09?? waiting for the taxi to take us back to the warm cabin after a flat tire.

Kerri pre-triatholon photo...2 years ago (day before Jonah was born)

Kerri and Jonah at Pineview

Scottie and Kerri July 4th 2010

McKenzie and Kerii at Brandi Carlile (Kenz is like an adopted sister. She is Kerri's best friend)


There once was a girl named Kerri
The kindest girl, not a little bit scary
She had such a wit
causing laughter in fits
You are one of a kind...a rare-ie!!!

Friday, August 13

Mama finally walks...the cap and gown kind of walking...

The night before graduation relaxing.
I'm pretty sure I'm in trouble for posting this picture.
Happy Mama!
As most of you know, my mom is my hero. You probably all know because I talk about her...pretty much all the time. When I was a junior in high school we moved to Utah and my mom decided to go back to school to finish her Bachelor's degree. She graduated at with a BA in English and Latin at the end of my freshman year of college. I walked into her room the morning of graduation and she was still in bed. I asked her why she wasn't going to her graduation. She told me that her present to herself was sleeping in after three years of not getting sleep in. When she got her Master's in Education... I'm actually not sure why she didn't walk. I do know that it was quietly done ...I didn't even know she was getting her Master's. But this time...I knew.

She started the program about two seconds before my dad got his job in Boise...and since Alta High School loved her so much they gave her a sabbatical which meant she had to work for them when she was done with her Master's program...which meant that she and my dad would be living in two different states (happily married...just far apart) but that is a story for another day. This time she was going to be home (actually the only reason she was in town for graduation was because she broke her wrist about eight weeks ago...again another story) I (with a little help from my friends) convinced her that it would be a good idea to walk at her graduation. AND IT WAS. I even got a choked up. I was a proud mama...only reversed. My mom has worked really hard...for her whole life...not just in school, or as a teacher, or now as a vice principal...but as a mom...raising four kids, having a great marriage...even from a long distance...but most importantly just being a good person. I think that is what I love about my mom the most...she has always tried to be a good person and she is the best person that I know.

Shaking hands and getting her diploma...I know it's tough to see her but she is the one in front of the podium on the stage.
GRADUATED and walking out. She is in front of the guy in the cream shirt.
Still studious...even after getting her degree...this is not posed either...they were really having a serious conversation about vice principal-ing.
The cohort and the professors.
My hero.
these might be the flowers on the seat in front of me and I may have taken about ten different photos of them during all the speeches...I don't love that part of graduation.

This is my friend Christine Yuki Seminario...

...I call her Shorts...

...she is going to law school at Brigham Young University starting next week.

Tuesday, August 10

Sunday Family Dinner...with the elusive Walls!!

My mom's brother Scott (not to be confused with my brother Scott) and his family came to town...which is definitely an occasion for celebration...they live in Washington.

A post without Jonah is like a day without...sleep. which=bad day.

Sammy (you're seriously missed), Kelli & Bethany (who will soon be seriously missed as well)

Robbie, Scottie, Jenn, Sassy Pants (aka Mama) and Steph

again...without the sassy pants...just the mama

Brookie, Lo and Jacque

Mandy and Brookie

And the stars of the party...Jordan, Mandy, Scott, Janice and Josh!
We love you guys...come back soon!!!

Friday, August 6

Katie Herzig and Brandi Carlile

I had the great fortune to see Brandi Carlile in concert again.  Katie Herzig opened for her, which was fabulous.  I don't have a lot of photos...I did get quite a bit of video, which is not on listen to Brandi while you look at the photos. 

me and two of the three sis's...( really should join us next time)

Clearly...Kelli is excited.

Oh're wonderful.  Thank you for returning to Salt Lake less than a year after you were here.

And thank you for bringing Katie with you...cause she put on a great show...and she was really nice.

Tuesday, August 3

PINEVIEW!!!! (my home away from home this summer)

Jonah and Mattie...enjoying a walk on the beach

Happy Kelli!

Happy Jonah!!!

Jonah knows the value of sunscreen....
....Brookie, however, did not. I have since healed...but that funky burn line is just now fading.
Mattie & Jonah enjoying a nap in the sand.

chillin' in the sand.

Everyone is always happier by the water.

what would be a trip to the lake without good eats.

I know, I know...enough already, but he is just SO ADORABLE!

Even with food all over his face he is adorable...and looking at LOT like his papa at that same age!

Steph is also enjoying her day at the lake...doing a good job of protecting her head...exfoliating her legs...a successful day in the sand.

and of course if Cam is involved there will be a water fight.

....Go Red Sox? :)