Monday, May 30

I spent a day in San Francisco

About two weeks ago I spent the day in San Francisco.  Here are some photos that I shot.

So excited to be in San Francisco!

Golden Gate Bridge

It just occurred to me that these two photos do not prove I was actually in San Francisco...

this is from Erika's car whilst driving on said G.G. bridge...all the while hoping for an earth quake to see if the bridge really is as structurally sound as they say it is...

On the waterfront (sans Marlon Brando) watching the sea lions bask.  It was kind of chilly...although not really...just overcast...they looked so comfortable.  I was very jealous.

Loved the boardwalk.  AND the candy store where I found the BEST cotton candy salt water taffy...that is luckily made at Taffy Town...which happens to be in Salt Lake City!!
Also...this is where Erika went into the men's room because she could not wait in the women's line that was ridiculously long...I didn't wait either...I just didn't have to go.

 Lombard street.  we didn't walk up those steps to the top...mostly because that would have been CAKE compared to walking up the block below...which I can't believe I didn't take a picture of...seriously...steepest hill I think I've walked up...and I thought the Avenues in Salt Lake were rough...

Those feet do not belong to me...nor do they belong to Erika...and yes...they do belong to two different people.

How could I NOT take a picture of this?!  It was so gorgeous!  Even with the seat belt hanging out of the driver's side door... This picture is dedicated to my friends Marlo and Wyett Ihler.

YAY Giants!  This photo is dedicated to my Uncle Dave.

Erika and I are in the car driving over to China town to eat Dim Sum...and as we drove along I saw this couple inside the restaurant...they were holding hands (click on the photo and you'll see better)...I don't know why, but those two holding hands and that fellow laughing...I just really wanted to have the candid shot...I hope they don't mind...

I will eat here the next time I am in San Francisco...

China Town...I LOVED China town.  I loved the woman laughing at me because of my excitement over finding Hi-Chew for less than a dollar (SO EXPENSIVE IN UTAH)...I loved all the shops and all the people on the streets...I would love to go back again...especially to see my most favorite part of China Town....(see below)

those four ladies sitting down are playing some sort of gambling game...I don't think it was poker...they are playing with pennies...they were very animated and I wished I'd gotten video and a closer shot...but I felt kind of intrusive...especially after the shot of the couple in the restaurant...

There are just cool, random things in San Francisco...more time in that city would definitely be time well spent.

A billboard in the mission district that made me laugh.  I also had the awesome experience of sitting in a very loud bar while watching an old vampire movie from the 70's play on the wall.

I don't have any pictures in Palo Alto...which is where I spent another day.  It is unfortunate because Palo Alto is GORGEOUS.  I would not mind living there at all...AND I ran into my wonderful friend Heather Hammond while attending a singles ward on the Stanford campus (which has it's own mall...the Stanford campus I mean)...such a small wonderful world.