Sunday, June 27

Pint Size Pool Party

As you may or may not know, I've recently (Friday night) purchased a pool. I have an awesome balcony at my apartment. Thus far I've added a grill and my wonderful lawn chair that I've had for about fifteen years. It has a shoulder strap and a pocket on the back of the is rad! Anyway...I spend many hours each week...daily almost...sitting on my balcony in my chair reading, listening to iPod, napping or just letting my mind wander. The other day as I was zoning on the balcony I thought about how refreshing it would be if I had some water to stick my feet in since it is getting quite warm out. Then it hit me! I will buy a kiddie pool for my balcony. It will be big enough for me to put my chair in while I sit and relax and my feet will be totally refreshed! So Friday I set out to find my new pool. Smith's Market Place was my first, and incidentally last stop because I found the perfect pool for six bucks!

See the awesomeness for yourself!

Now it may not look like anything...but let me tell you...I made it through one and half books sitting out on my balcony...on my my pool...and I did NOT want to get out. Now if I could just find a way to add a hammock (I found the one I want in the Kirkland's catalog) I will be set...well almost...I'd still like a fire pit.

The pool awesomeness continued today with Scott, Mattie, Jonah and Kelli coming over for dinner. It was an awesome dinner...grilled corn on the cob, London broil, grilled asparagus, a delicious salad with some sort of poppy seed dressing, fabulous bread sticks and to top it off chocolate brownies with green ice cream with black dots and hot fudge....but I digress...and probably make you all jealous and hungry...anyway...when Jonah arrived we showed him the pool. Immediately he began splashing the water around...but only while standing outside the pool. After dinner we turned on Cars (Jonah's and Scott's favorite movie)...then the real pool fun began.

Jonah also enjoyed the chair...and a cup.

Here he is in the pool, sitting on the chair...while watching Cars. I could not get him to smile towards the camera because he was too engrossed in the father like son I suppose.

Finally I caught a smile directed to the camera!

Only to have him get more comfortable and refocus his attention on the task at hand...Lighting McQueen.
And as a result of all this water fun...a VERY full, yet clean diaper! I guess I should buy some swim diapers to keep on hand.

So there you have it folks. My new pool of awesomeness. I am looking forward with great excitement to a summer sitting pool side...well technically sitting IN the pool!

Thursday, June 24

Good Things To Come

I watched this video today and thought it was something worth sharing...and something I needed to hear.

Sunday, June 13

Never doubt the Bell...

Everything I ever needed to learned was on an episode of Saved By the Bell...
everything that British Petroleum ever needed to learn was also on an episode of
Saved By the Bell...

Friday, June 11

noteworthy events, thoughts, etc...of far

Went to Yuma, was hot...but always worth it.

Drove back to Salt Lake from Yuma, was a long drive...but worth it.

Ate In-n-Out burger in San Diego and Las Vegas. Yes, I realize we now have In-n-Out in Utah, but I mean...I got to be in San Diego and Las Vegas...and for some tastes better there (however, if anyone wants to go to In-n-Out in me...I'm in)

My mom finished her second Master's degree program and can now Vice principle the students she once some of you may know, my mom is my greatest hero...and I can't really begin to express how proud I am of her...I know it was very stressful and frustrating...but she did it. I love my mom for so many reasons...but I will spare you all another post about her...for now anyway. But she is FAB-ULOUS!!

My friend Josie just had another baby...CONGRATS. The story of the birth, as written by her husband, is quite humorous...and when I grow up to be a mom, I hope that along with my own mother's mad skills, I can learn a few of Josie's as well. She is one bitchin' mom.

Going to opening day of the farmer's market...I've been drooling over thoughts of cantaloupe, corn on the cob, cherries, black raspberries, blueberries, radishes, breads, humus...and all other manner of delectable eats found at the farmer's market...not too mention it is prime people watching. Rain of shine...I will be there tomorrow morning.

Enjoyed many early morning breakfasts on my veranda (that was for you mom) also known as my balcony...seriously...if you want to start your morning off right...come eat breakfast on my balcony...any morning of the week...I'll whip up something delightful.

Finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird for the nth time...I really don't know how many times I've read it...the first time was in junior high. My mom says it is a book that should be read about every four years because each time it will mean something true. Loved it just as much this time as when I was fact I may love it more now...and definitely appreciate it on an entirely different level.

So far I feel that June has treated me well...we shall see what the rest of the month brings...I'm very much looking forward to July with it's concerts (Brandi Carlile and Lilith Fair) and plays (Hair)...and any other surprises!