Monday, May 13

All 'Likes' All the Time

The other day at work I was talking with my friend Sara and I made the comment (no idea why) "All 'Likes' all the time!"  I decided it would be a good blog title for Mondays.  Mondays always seem to be really rough for people.  They definitely use to be for me.  Then they weren't for a while.  Unfortunately they are again, so in order to get back to liking Mondays again, I am going to just take a few moments on Mondays to list off a few things, that as far as I'm concerned are "All 'Likes' all the time!"

First we begin with this awesome video.  I have my wonderful Uncle Dave to thank for introducing this to me.  When I watch it (and I've watched it quite a few times) I can't help but smile and want to take a "dance break".

My second "All 'Likes' all the time" for today is my family.  If you've read my blog or are friends with me on Facebook you know how much I love them.  This weekend was no exception to their awesomeness.  My mom and sisters (well Mattie and Kelli since Kerr Bear is in Virginia) and I took our (my mom and I) kayaks out to the Great Salt Lake and then hit up Kneaders for lunch.  It was a lovely mother's day field trip.

The day continued with pedicures, frozen custard form Nielsen's and an awesome trip to the grocery store.  Then Sunday arrived and despite being slightly fried on my shins (NOT "All 'likes' all the time") I made a pumpkin chocolate chip cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate ganache.

There was a wonderful meal at my grandpa's house.  Wrestling with my kiddos.  TALKING TO KERR BEAR ON  SKYPE!!!  And just an awesome meal with some awesome peeps...including Dave, Steph, Katie, Mama, Kelli, Grandpa, Scottie, Mattie, Lyla and Jonah.

I honestly can't think of a better way to spend my Sunday evening.

Now maybe these "All 'Likes' all the time" don't seem super fantastically awesome for you, but man or man, they made starting Monday a lot a bit better.