Thursday, June 16

Things that brought me joy these last six days...

Saturday-going to IKEA with this here lady...and getting the last two cinnamon rolls and milk.
(also there was a family reunion that wasn't too shabby)

Sunday-THE SUN! Punny, but true!

On Sunday I also enjoyed this...
 ...and this...

Monday-Driving all the way to work with the tunes blasting, sunroof open and the windows down!

 Provo River
Bridal Veil Falls
Shorts (I wish I had video of Shorts making her way out to this rock...hilarious.  And no, she is actually not posing.  She doesn't even know I took the picture...unless she is reading this...and in that case...SURPRISE!)

Wednesday-dinner at Vinto in Salt Lake with Megan.
seriously...lamb, fire roasted tomato, fetta...wrapped in the most delicious bread ever.  Best. Calzone. Ever.

Thursday-rewatching SYTYCD performances and discussing it/arguing about it with Amber via Facebook.
This quick step was just...I don't even know...just watch...

Here's to another six days of joy!