Tuesday, June 30

Sarah and Hillary

this video is probably my favorite thing that came from the recent presidential campaign. It still leaves me rolling on the floor laughing!

Monday, June 29

open mouth...insert foot...it's who I am.

When I was in sixth grade at Gray M Sanborn Elementary in Palatine, IL we studied ancient societies...including ancient Egypt. My teacher was AMAZING and we did some pretty cool things, including visit the inside of a pyramid!

One thing we learned was our initials in hieroglyphs. Interestingly enough...or perhaps very telling...my initials are a foot and mouth. I can't remember which is B and which is R...but either way it seems very fitting, as I, on a VERY regular basis, manage to stick my foot in my mouth...and unfortunately for myself, and those around me, not literally. (Although I am pretty sure I can do that too........yep.......I can...gross). Anyway...as this has happened time and time again in my life...from early preteen years, to the oh so formidable teenage years well into my 20's and of course...my roaring 30's. One might think after THREE decades of this nonsense...well perhaps not quite three, but close...one would learn...but I have not. And to those who are caught in the wake of this horrible habit, personality trait, fault, etc... I sincerely apologize. Perhaps you will find comfort...at least a bit, in the fact that it happens multiple times in a mouth and their are multiple casualties...so I'm not singling anyone out. I am trying my best to be better...but I do apologize for past transgressions, as well as those to come!

PS If anyone has some hints...besides thinking before I speak...I am ALL ears...even though that hieroglyph is not part of my name...unfortunately.

Monday, June 22

Wouldn't it be nice if sometimes our lives had a refresh button? Or a "back" button. Sometimes I think that would be nice. Yes, yes I do.

Friday, June 19

No offense meant...I just don't get it...

Twitter...I don't get it. Who would I follow? Why would I follow? How would I follow? What would I follow? Where would I follow? I get Facebook. I get blogs. But I just don't get Twitter. Can someone please explain it to me?

That is all. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 17

Unemployed...in the near future

So as of August 31st, 2009 I will no longer be an employee of Beneficial Financial Group. It was announced Tuesday to the company at 11:00am that there would be a restructuring, and by noon a press release had gone out. In the first moments of the meeting I was feeling somewhat stressed...but within minutes of the meeting ending, my worries seemed to subside. Any stress I was feeling was more for those around me who are expecting children, who are the sole income earners for their families (although I am the sole income earner for me family...but I digress)...as for my own worries...they were practically none. I tried to be worried...I really did...in fact this week, each day I have tried to worry...tried to feel stress...but I can't seem to conjure it. I am so excited...a whole new adventure, chapter, whatever you want to call it lies ahead of me...HOW CAN I NOT BE EXCITED!?

As for what I'm going to do...I'm not sure. But I do know that I am going to start studying for the GRE again, and start filling out grad school apps. I will of course be looking for a new job, but perhaps not in the financial field. I have always wanted to work in the non profit sector or with student involvement on the university level...so if you have any suggestions, or leads, please email me or leave a comment. I am pretty much open to anything. :)

Another exciting aspect of all of this is the possibility of relocating...I don't have to stay here. I do love it in Utah, and especially downtown. Which does bring me to one part of the sad news...I may have to move out of my apartment and perhaps out of the Avenues and out of downtown. I don't want to and I'm going to do my damnedest to stay in the Avenues...but I am being realistic...so any suggestions or tips on housing would be appreciated as well :)

So that is the exciting news in my life...and folks...it really is exciting...I am so happy and so excited. It's liberating when you're single and 30 to be forced to make a big life change. I truly appreciate this kick out the door and into a new chapter of my life. The stress may hit me soon, or later...or maybe it won't...I know for sure that I will be sad on my last day of work, as I leave behind my wonderful co-workers...and I will definitely miss seeing my green-eyed crush at Roula's Cafe :)...but there are wonderful opportunities and new experiences that lie ahead and I am jumping out of my skin to find out what they are!

Send your suggestions for a new career path, job leads, vacation ideas, school ideas, etc....I am open to entertaining all ideas and suggestions. They are greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, June 9

bored at graduation

Now, as I mentioned in my previous post , I am extremely, EXTREMELY proud of my little sister...however...graduations are generally boring...speakers that I don't care about...and a LONG processional in which I know all of five students. I will say this...one of the speakers at my sister's graduation was hilarious and engaging (partially due to her Australian accent I'm sure), but she was very witty and made the truest statement regarding the graduating class...any graduating class for that matter...she noted that in the audience of grads where future doctors, future lawyers, and even future Wal-Mart employees of the month. Anywho...other than that speech Scott, Mattie, Kelli and Jonah and I had to find ways to entertain ourselves...here is a documentation of what you do with your siblings when you're bored at graduation (and remember Ker Bear...we are still VERY proud of you)!

The pomp and circumstance had begun and the soon-to-be grads were making their way into the auditorium. My dear, sweet mother says to take a picture of Kelli...what she meant was take a picture of Kerri...but always being a VERY obedient child...I did what I was told!

I then continued to take pictures of Kelli all while trying not to fall asleep. I imagine those around us may have been a bit irritated, but we enjoyed ourselves!

And of course no Russell family gathering would be complete without pictures of the J-Man! Although...he was not so photogenic this day....

But still cute...and I still ADORE him!

He did begin to get a bit camera shy....

Or perhaps a bit bored with the photo shoot....
Or perhaps...just flat out annoyed! Still love him!

All in all it was another graduation...although I was a bit teary-eyed...as this is the last of the Russell children...I suppose now that all of us are high school graduates we will have to give up the shenanigans of childhood sibling rivalry...but probably not :)

Friday, June 5

Kerri Ann Russell

This is a little shout out of congratulations to my littlest sister, and youngest sibling, Kerri…who is graduating today from Woods Cross High School.

Go Wild Cats!
(Incidentally all four of the Russell siblings are Woods Cross High School grads)
Here are a few things about Kerri to commemorate this day:

1.When Kerri was born we thought maybe she was switched at birth since she had a head full of dark, dark hair and gorgeous olive skin…gratefully she was not, so we don’t have to give her back to anyone.

2.When she was…three or four…I can’t remember…she broke her leg sledding at Mount Charleston (?) in Las Vegas (yes, you can go sledding in the winter in Las Vegas…you just have to make an effort). But the funny part about it (yes there was ONE) was that because of the cast she walked in perfect time and synchronization to the song “Lovely Ladies” from Les Miserables. HILARIOUS!

3.Kerri is one of the kindest and most gentle souls I’ve ever met. She really isn’t much of a fighter (although Kelli may have a different view). She is FOR SURE the peace maker in our house.

4.She has natural athleticism and has always had a perfectly, toned body…without really trying.

5.She is funny! Seriously…Kerri is one of the wittiest people I know…and half the time she isn’t even trying!

6.She is the best driver of all the girls in our family (mom excluded...and Mattie, but only because I've never driven with her)…sorry Kelli…but it’s true.

7.She is going to grow up to be a really great mom someday.

8.One thing I really love about Kerri is that she enjoys spending time with her family…the only person I know of that wins out over time with her family (especially Mom, Dad, and Jonah) is Mackenzie (but she is kind of a family member anyway)

9.She is VERY smart. Possibly the smartest of the five siblings. (sorry guys...but it's true...although I think Mattie might give her a run for her money).

Congrats Ker Bear! I love you!