Tuesday, March 29

I don't miss her...but she is sure fantastic too!

Kerri is only forty five minutes away in Provo and I talk to her about once a week, so while I don't miss her like I miss Kelli...she is super fantastic as well...and famous!

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

Monday, March 21

missing her...

I really miss this girl...a lot...a lot.  Thankfully I have these gems to tide me over when it gets really rough...

Saturday, March 5

M&M&M-the 5th

dj b-rooke random shuffle
Here you go folks...randomly shuffled all the songs in my iTunes library and here were the first 25 that come up today.  Judge all you want.  I'm going to keep on listening!

Fleetwood Mac - Florence + The Machine - Radical Face - Holly Williams - Gabriella Cilmi - Lady Gaga (you should click this link...it will be worth it and not at all what you're expecting...unless you're a regular reader) - All American Rejects - Miley Cyrus (I mentioned her in a post from last month so there should be no surprises) - Glee Cast - Beach Boys - Snow Patrol - Train - Band of Horses - Ingrid Michaelson - Lykke Li - Bon Iver - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Alison Krauss - Amanda Marshall - Jason Mraz - Vertical Horizon - Shakira - Joe Purdy - Talking Heads (there are two links for talking heads.  you should definitely click at least "Heads") - Catya Mare

Gorillaz...what isn't super fantastic about talented cartoon musicians?

some random musings on basketball...

Carpeted gym floors are HORRIBLE...do you hear me LDS church buildings...HORRIBLE and VERY, VERY dangerous...they are career killing.  Better to get a wood floor burn than a twisted knee.

All basketball players should be forced to keep their nails almost painfully short.  I have too many scars from finger scratches.

Why anyone ever thought that short shorts were better to play ball in than long shorts is beyond me.

while making a jump shot from the outside is very rewarding, there is nothing like going in for and successfully executing a layup.  Especially when you can make one equally as well from the right and left sides.

I love the sound of basketball shoes squeaking on the wood floors as the players run up and down the court.

the basketball court is truly the one place where I do not take anything personally...unless you were from Rancho High School or Basic High School.

Friday, March 4

M&M&M-the 4th

March Music Madness the 4th

Run This Town
did you know that along with featuring Rihanna and Kanye West, Jay-Z also features a duck throughout this song?!
(thanks to Courtney and Wayne for pointing this out)

dj b-rooke top 25 shuffle
click the links for more info or a YouTube video.
(artists who have appeared on previous lists will not be linked)

  1. Holly Williams
  2. Glee Cast
  3. Damien Rice
  4. Sarah Brightman
  5. O.A.R.
  6. Alexandre Desplat
  7. Bon Jovi
  8. The Beach Boys
  9. Josh Ritter
  10. AC/DC
  11. Les Miserables Original Broadway cast recording
  12. DeVotchKa
  13. Alicia Keys
  14. Enya
  15. Daft Punk
  16. Katy Perry
  17. Jekyll & Hyde Original Broadway cast recording
  18. The Dodos
  19. Sunset Boulevard Original Broadway cast recording
  20. Buffseeds
  21. Robbi Robb
  22. Wyclef Jean
  23. Pet Shop Boys
  24. Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard
  25. Marching Band
Brooke's basketball facts
Fact #7:
did you know that I once spent an entire Saturday playing multiple basketball games for a tournament which my club team won?  Go junior Pirates!

Fact #8:
did you know that the Saturday we won that tournament we ate granola bars, McDonald's cheeseburgers and grape Gatorade?  
(and that my friends is why I have a special place in my heart and stomach for McDonald's cheeseburgers.)

Thursday, March 3

M&M&M-the 3rd

March Music Madness the 3rd

dj b-rooke
that is my iPod's name. don't be surprised...I'm typing this post on my Mac named Millie.

I have a fairly large song library...Millie contains quite a bit of it...but I have over 200 CDs and about 15 or so discs full of MP3s. The music varies greatly. Below are a list of 25 artists that pop up when I shuffle my entire song library on my iTunes. Obviously my discs of MP3s and my CDs are not included. (I think the iPod top 25 shuffle should be a daily occurrence for M&M&M)

  1. Howard Shore
  2. Brandi Carlile
  3. Alicia Keys
  4. Pat Benatar
  5. INXS
  6. umbrellas
  7. Alison Moorer
  8. India.Arie
  9. Glasvegas
  10. XTC
  11. John Williams
  12. W. Mozart
  13. P!nk
  14. Talking Heads
  15. Missy Higgins
  16. She & Him
  17. Sarah Brightman
  18. Patsy Cline
  19. Sharleen Spiteri
  20. The Fray
  21. Moby
  22. Alison Eastwood
  23. Mumford & Sons
  24. Blonde Redhead & Devastations
  25. Matisyahu
BROOKE's basketball facts
Fact #5:
did you know that from age 12 through age 14 I played at three different basketball teams? Sometimes all three at the same time. There would be weeks during which Sunday was the only day I did not have practice or a game.

Fact #6:
did you know that I played power forward from the time I started playing basketball?

Wednesday, March 2

M&M&M-the 2nd

March Music Madness the 2nd

When I was younger we were a one car family...so we walked a lot.  According to my mother   "I thought I was a seasoned walker at such a young age that I didn't feel the need to hold hands in precarious places".  So my mom wrote this song.  It works. For those of you who have children...send your thank you notes to my mom.

Brooke's basketball facts:
Fact #3:
did you know that my very first full sentence was "Danny Ainge throws basketballs in the basket."?  I have it on tape if you don't believe me.

Fact #4:
did you know that when I was a  sophomore in high school I decided that I would like to be a high school basketball coach?  I think it is still something I might like to do.

Tuesday, March 1

basketball+tunes=March Music Madness

March Music Madness-the 1st

Agnes Obel-Danish...like me. plays the piano...unlike me.


Fact #1
did you know that Brooke Lee Russell lettered in varsity basketball her sophomore year of high school?

Fact #2
did you know that Brooke Lee Russell's jv basketball team was 21-2 and made up almost entirely of freshman (blr) and sophomores?


March is upon us...
What to write about...
I really enjoyed having a purpose last month with each post.
So, I am going to continue that same structure for March.

Welcome to
March Music Madness.
March will entail lots of music...
and more than a hint of basketball.

I hope you enjoy.