Monday, June 30

Looking for a laugh?

Are you looking for something to make you smile? Maybe something to ease those Monday morning blues? (Unless of course it is another day) Or maybe just further insight into Brooke?...well look no further than (or just click the link "Mom's blog") ENJOY! I is worth it!

Saturday, June 28

Musings of Brooke

Today I was checking out my friend Aja's blog (check it out sometime) and I noticed that she had the link to my blog titled "Brookie's Musings". I have been thinking about that today as I had a jonsing to get writing. A few things have been on my mind of them being my family, my parents in particular. We may not have always (and may never) seen eye to eye on everything...but some of the most important things that I have learned in this life have been learned from my parents...things I have gained I have done so because of their example.

The first thing, and most important, I have because of them is my testimony. It is something that I have had to gain on my own, but because of them and the direction that they have pointed me in, it was at a VERY early age the the truthfulness of the gospel was seared into my soul. I was sitting in a room in Carthage Jail listening to a recording of the events that occurred that fateful day that Joseph and Hyrum Smith lost their lives. From that day forth the gospel has not been something that I think is true, or hope is true...I know it's true. Now that is not to say I have not had to test the principles out on my own. Fortifying what I gained that day has been a constant battle, but one that has probably been made so much easier because of the truthfulness that was shone to me that day at Carthage Jail.

I also learned to be happy with the simple things in life. I spent many hours on road trips without a DVD player, many Sunday evenings enjoying the company of my family, many afternoons on my swing set, on the island in the middle of our cul de sac...I didn't own every electronic gadget...although they did not jump to the advances that they are now, but nevertheless, I spent time with my siblings, my brother in particular, and my imaginary friend Wonjun (who still keeps me company today).

I have had the importance of education etched into my brain. Just the other day I was filling out financial aid information (I am starting grad school in November-Masters in mental health counseling) and there is a question about parents' education...when I marked that both my parents have Master's degrees (I hope that is right) the enrollment counselor that was helping me commented on how important education must be in my family. I laughed and told him that until I was about 12 or 13 I believed that you HAD to go to college. I didn't realize that compulsory education ended after high school...and in the Russell family compulsory education does NOT end after high school...just ask my siblings.

I keep a fairly meticulous journal (and I have this blog of course) because of all the times I would walk into my mom's room at night and see her writing in her journal.

I have watched my family go through many difficult times, and we're still here no worse for the wear. Living a life of my own has brought with it more difficult times and often times the only reason I may make it through a day is because I watched my own family make it through many days when it felt as though the next hour was going to take all we had.

Like I said...we don't see eye to eye on many things...and probably never will...but I am who I am because of them, and regardless of any frustration that may arise between us, I do remember that, and will always be grateful to both my parents.

Monday, June 23

Oh where or where has the Snow gone?

This is just a quick post...a shout out if you will to my dear friend Erin Snow Weist (and her whole FREAKING ADORABLE FAMILY)! Where are you my friend? I miss you. It sounds like things are good on the other side of the world. Hopefully you will read this soon and know how much I miss you. I hope you got my last much to tell to you sooner than later...I hope!

Monday, June 9

READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. This post has been rated NEWTIF: Not Everyone Will Think Its Funny

So a few days ago I was having my daily conversation with my friend Jen. She made a comment about getting some...and me...being in my usual sarcastic mood (is there really any other mood)...asked her "Exactly how much is some?" I believe Jen's response to my question was, "I just wet my pants." Seeing as she found it humorous I thought I would use it as a funny weekly random question. I suppose I should not have assumed as much as I did....I figured in asking the question. "In the phrase 'I am gonna get some' how much is some?" people would understand the context I was asking it in without me having to explain it...alas...I did receive some quantifying responses that had nothing to do with "getting some" :) Although they may very well have been referring to some...what some...I don't know...but maybe it was the same some I was referring to...or in some cases...maybe they were simply being smart-asses.

And since some of these answers are not G-rated I have not included names. If you want to know who said me. :)

Boy: it's enough. But not too much.

Girl: I would say as much as I can take with out passing out or taking off my pants...for now know what I'm sayin...

Girl: As mush as I want! Whatever I'm feeling like!

Boy: That depends on who is saying it and also the context.

Girl: A satisfying amount.

Girl: All the way! Down and dirty!

Boy: Any

Girl: I think it depends on the person using the phrase

Girl: Depends on my marital status!

Girl: Depends on who is making the statement

Girl: I think it depends on where you're at in life. Me-it better mean sex. If you are just dating and don't have sex before marriage then it means making out. I think in general it means sex though.

Girl: I think it's different for everyone and it definitely changes things if it's just NCMO as opposed to a relationship.

Girl: when you've had your fill

Girl: more than a little but less than a lot.

Girl: more than none, but not quite enough...

Girl: depends on the boy and the day...

Boy: The linguistics of this phrase can be tricky. "Some" should be used pronominally, yet its inherent definition makes it hard to determine. So don't try to quantify it, rather think of "some" as a varying noun.

Girl: To me, a good make out...and possibly a little more.

Girl: Depends on how far you're willing to go.

Monday, June 2

Do you believe in love at first sight?

For those of you that know me, it may or may not surprise you that I believe in love at first sight. I have had extensive conversations with friends about this, and decided it would make a good weekly random question.

What I thought was interesting was a handful of people responded they weren't sure because it hadn't happened to them yet. So they at least believe in the possibility. And girls were not the only ones to believe it possible!

One response was that the person hated her spouse the first time they met. So if loathing is possible at first sight...why isn't love? And what about Adam and Eve?

Brooke's response: yes I believe in love at first sight. I guess the better question would have been love at first chat. I believe I can see someone and be immediately drawn to them, NOT in a lustful way, and within the first minute of conversing have that initial feeling of love. So maybe not literally "first sight", but close.

Other responses:

Courtney B. : Yes, I do believe in it.

Adam H. : Hasn't happened yet. Maybe lust at first sight.

Jennifer P. : Absolutely without a doubt...welll...perhaps intense liking at first sight. [I do believe in the] knowledge that you are going to marry someone at first sight.

Amanda C. : It depends on what kind of love.

Jon A. : Lust at first sight yes! Love is a trait you develop and can't be had at first sight.

Jon D. : No, I don't. But I am a pessimist.

Lizzy: No I don't...I do love fairy tales and Disney movies but I don't believe it to be true.

Devin: Yes. (when I told Devin he was the only boy to respond in the affirmative, he responded by suggesting that more guys need to watch Disney movies).

Kelli Jean: I don't know, I haven't had that. (then she responded again): I've changed my answer, yes...Scott and Mattie. (which is funny because Mattie says no)!

Lyn: only lust at first sight. Love takes time to develop.

Melanie: I've been known to fall for love at first sight, yes. (I think your husband did too)!

Tracy: (ever the realist) Myth.

Mandy: No, but looks get the first started.

Sarah D: Nope. (If Tracy wasn't engaged I would set you two up)

Mattie: I believe in lust at first sight. I don't think you can love someone until you know them.

Josie: Lust at first sight, yes.

Tim: "Yes, or do I need to walk by one more time?"

Tara: Nope. Lust at first sight, strong attraction at first sight, yes. But love at first sight is impossible.

Michelle: Absolutely not! On the contrary I hated my husband when I first saw him! You on the other hand Brooke, I have always loved you!

Alisa: Nope, don't believe in love at first sight.

Tammy: Not for me.

Janelle: No.

Aubry: possibly, not so far. (Care to change your answer)? :)

Jennifer B: yes

Jill: yes

Becca W: This is going to sound terrible but I think you have to spend a lot of time with someone to truly love them. To love someone is to know them...better than they know themselves sometimes. How can you care so deeply for someone you just met?

Sara G: No-first dance.

Ed. No I don't believe in love at first sight.