Thursday, September 17

Red Lobster virgin...NOT ANYMORE!!!!

my mom told me that I have been to Red Lobster before, but I have no recollection, so I am considering my visit on May 3, 2008 my first visit.

PREFACE TWO: This even happened over a year ago and for some reason, the post never made it to the my apologies to Sweet Alice for this it was one of my most favorite evenings out with Alice EVER!

So on May 3 2008 I made my inaugural visit to Red Lobster. It was definitely the best inaugural visit EVER! First of all...I was with Alice and that is ALWAYS a most excellent time when Alice and Arnold hit the town.

The night as far as my mood did not start out the least for me...but I was just not in a great mood. Alice dragged me to Ben's Cookies. As you may know Saturday night at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake is the BEST TIME EVER to be driving in your car. Anyway...we drove around looking for a parking garage that was not full. We attempted to pull into one and a man began yelling "WATCH THE WAND...YOU CAN'T COME IN HERE" We laughed but honestly it was all either of us could do to keep from swearing at the guy...I believe that Alice did tell him to chill out, but other than that we just backed out of the driveway and made our way to Ben's Cookie's.

Then it was off...far, far away from the Gateway. Alice wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory, but the wait was almost two hours, and frankly...neither of us are very pleasant when we're hungry. So she gave me a list of other options and I chose Red Lobster as I had never been before and it was just across the way from where we were.

Thus began one of my favorite dinning experiences ever.

1st: As we were sitting in the entrance waiting for our table two boys and a father looking fellow walked out. A spring in their steps and satisfied looks on their faces. Obviously, they had been fed well. The older of the two boys was chattering on delightedly and removed any doubt we may have had about the enjoyment of their meal when he said, "That was the BEST crab I have ever tasted!" I bit my was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. Jen and I were clutching out sides with suppressed laughter...apparently he has only spent time in land-locked state...or at least never visited a more reputable seafood establishment.

2nd: As I was devouring, yes, devouring my crab legs...that were NOT the best I've ever had, but not too shabby....I was cracking one open and a piece of shell went flying and hit Alice right in the eye. I could not have planned it better. We were laughing so hard, and it was right in sync with the direction of the night.

3rd: Finally our evening came to an end. Jen said that I should document the occasion with a photo of the sign, and I commented that "It's just a restaurant" Boy was I WRONG! A man and his wife who were in the parking lot smoking an after dinner cigarette hear my comment...the rather burly, tank top wearing man looked at me in what was shock and awe sprinkled with a bit of disgust and replied very seriously "Red Lobster is not just a restaurant, it is an experience." I can't remember if Jen and I held our laughter...oh wait...we didn't have to...we were so taken aback by the seriousness of his comment that we just stared at him as we walked to our car. When we got into the car we burst into laughter and tears.

It was such a great "first time". For sure one of the best I've had!!

Sunday, September 13

Brandi Carlile

On Thursday September 10th I attended the best concert I've ever been to, with my best friend Courtney Nichole Ruttenbur Bulsiewicz. It was amazing and wonderful and just a really great time. Brandi Carlile is one of the nicest, if not the nicest musician I've ever met...and I have met a handful of them. And they have been super my sister pointed out...Ingrid, Tristan Prettyman,, so nice...but Brandi...perhaps it has something to do with the fact that she resembles my youngest sister, Kerri, and Kerri is just the sweetest girl I know. Anyway...words cannot even begin to describe the concert. Aubry did an excellent job of writing about the End Zone performance...check that out here. I wish I could say something more articulate about the concert, but I can' check out the pictures and just make sure that next time Brandi Carlile is in your neighborhood you go see her!

Check out the photos here!

Thursday, September 3

Kelli Jean Russell...Kell Bell...KJ...Kelli...Kelli Jean...

HAPPY 20th 3, 2009, my sister, Kelli Jean Russell, is 20 years old. The one thing that I remember about Kelli's birth is that Scott and I each got a new Nintendo game to play once my parent's went to the hospital. I also remember that she was a fat baby! A. BIG. FAT. BABY. But so cute and adorable...and she use to do this thing where she would jump up in the air and then land flat on her bum...she was wearing a diaper and apparently there was enough padding because she would do it on the carpet or the kitchen was so funny. Other things I remember about Kelli is that she was that she drove me crazy when she was in elementary school...luckily...we've grown close and she doesn't drive me nuts anymore. And the Brooke Lee Russell birthday shout out tradition....


10. Have you seen this post? Just listen. Enough said.

9. She pees her pants often, and is not afraid to share it or show it...she may have learned that for me...but I pretty much think it is a sign of her confidence!

8. I like her style. She is a kool kat.

7. She is now a T-Bird...and I'm sure she will, sooner than later, be a TRUE T-BIRD!

6. She likes to go to movies with me.

5. She isn't the best driver in the Russell family, but I do feel pretty safe riding with her.

4. If I was stranded on a deseret island (yes, deseret...that is not a spelling error) and I could only have one person with me, I would pick Kelli because if SHE was stranded on a deseret island and could only have one person with her should would choose Jesus.

3. She is nice to people...genuinely nice.

2. She is a life guard and could save my life if I was ever drowning...she could save YOUR life too.


I am her favorite oldest sister!!!!


Have a great birthday! See you soon!

Tuesday, September 1

Done and gone.

Yesterday, August 31st was my last day at Beneficial Financial Group. Unemployment here I come! Just kidding...well, I will be unemployed, at least for a little while...but do not fear...there is a plan. :) The first part of the plan includes a trip to Yuma, AZ (yes, it is hot, but for long, lost best ever friends, who've once again been found, it is worth it...right?...just kidding Jess...TOTALLY WORTH IT...PEEING MY PANTS WITH EXCITEMENT)!

Moving on...sorry...the second part of the plan includes finding a part time job, with IHC...because...(third part of the plan)...I am going to nursing school!!! I am going to start my pre-reqs at SLCC in January, hopefully I only have one semester of pre-reqs, and then apply for entrance to the nursing program. Can I just tell you that I am SOOOOOOO excited for nursing school! I really, really am...which is not the best's probably a good thing I didn't major in English. Anyway...that is pretty much the update of my life. I enjoyed a day of sleeping in...although I was wide awake at 6:00am...and if that is the case tomorrow that will be just fine...I just really wanted to sleep in I went back to bed until 9:30!

I think the thing I am most happy about is that I can get things done...things I want to do and I don't have work to get in the way :) Unfortunately without work I will get all of these things done in much less time and will be extremely bored...that is the theory anyway...possibly not what will actually happen...we shall see.

I will say this about my time at Beneficial...though I may not have always enjoyed the work I was doing...I ALWAYS enjoyed the people I was working with...they really did make my job worth it, enjoyable, and on those really rough days, to all of my co-workers...I would like to say thank you for making the last three and half years worth while...and a special thank you to all those who were so patient with me in the morning when I was ornery! :)