Monday, January 26

Christmas Day

Ok so there were a lot of pictures from Christmas day, so I have put them in a great electronic photo album. Flip through at your leisure. As far as the details of the day goes...The Russell's who love their sleep...but also love to rock until the wee small hours of the morning...stumbled, somewhat reluctantly, out of bed around nine to go to breakfast. The aforementioned late night consisted of (after leaving Grandpa Wall's) wrapping gifts, searching for a store that was open with Planters Dry Roasted peanuts...Walgreen's case you're wondering...oh and it was CROWDED...crowded like I had to wait for a parking space to open up...attending midnight mass, watching The Sound of Music, and going to Denny's...anywho...we got ready and drove to Little America. We decided to break with tradition a bit and went to the buffet instead of the coffee wasn't very good...the coffee shop is SO MUCH BETTER!!! The good thing about the buffet was the fresh fruit table...but other than that...the coffee shop is where it's at!

So breakfast ended and it was back to the house to open gifts...which took a REALLY long time because we were all ready for a can see in the pictures that unwrapping gifts included mini naps. The best thing about the gifts was watching Jonah. He really was the highlight of the day. I mean I seriously scored this year...I must have been really good because Santa was super nice, but we were all so enthralled with Jonah...but I mean seriously...who wouldn't be!

The rest of the day until dinner was nap time...Steph and Dave and their kids and Grandpa came over for a light dinner and we enjoyed a game of Imagine Iff...and the last twenty minutes of Mama Mia (because Steph had missed that part) and of course a drive home in an insane snow storm! I maybe should have not driven home, but when I got there I just enjoyed watching the snow fall from my couch with some cocoa and a blanket. It was great. I love the holidays!

Saturday, January 10

Christmas with my family

Ok so before it is April and I am blogging about Thanksgiving, I am going to finish my holiday blogging. I am ahead of where I was last year because I have finished Thanksgiving, and even Christmas Eve, now I guess it is onto Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve was the usual night at my Grandpa's we had some very welcome extra guests! It was a good time...a little wrestling, a little eating, a just a great evening with my family. I love spending time with my family. One thing that I really was grateful for this year is the fact that my family is so close, and not just with out immediate family, but with our very extended family. The Saturday before Christmas was spent in Tooele with my grandma Wall's sisters and their families...that is a lot of people but it is always a great time! Especially this year because my aunt Jennifer created a trivia game about all the Bevan sisters and I learned things about my great aunts that I never knew!

It really is a blessing to be so close to all those people. I am so grateful for the strong ties that my grandma Wall instilled in her children and grandchildren. I have great times with my family and some of my best memories are with family.

Here are pics from the Christmas Eve 2008 festivities:
The traditional pajama conga line...which lead to....
There was a lot of goofing of with cousins as well....

Brookie and Kenzi.
Toph,Bethy, Brookie, precious!

Of course what would Christmas be without music. Kelli graced us with two of the new songs she wrote last year...she is quite talented...that little sis of mine.
Boys will always be boys...Scottie and Cameron enjoying Cameron's Transformer.
Of course you can't have Christmas Eve without the story of the Savior's birth. Every year is has grown more and more sacrilegious...but this year we reigned it in and had a great "play" with costumes (courtesy of Anna and Tamara...who joined us this year) and everything.
Of course the socializing and the food are very important and not only were we blessing with Anna and Jim and Corey and Ivy and Tamara, but Fiona an Bobby came to. I am pretty sure I invited them all...since I tend to enjoy big parties...the more the merrier! It was actually really great that they were all there.
AHHHHH...the babies...
Punk Rock Aniston!
cousins...2nd or 2nd twice removed or something...meeting for the first time.
everyone loves the babies!
no one is immune.

All in all Christmas Eve was pretty mellow and VERY enjoyable this year. Babies bring an amazing sense of peace! YAY FOR BABIES!