Thursday, June 28

all things considered...

Some of you may or may not be aware that about one year ago my car was stolen out of a church parking lot...June 20, 2006... to be exact. It was like any other day. I got up, drove to the bus stop, parked my car in the designated "Park and Ride" lot…aka my stake center, and was off to work. It was a Tuesday, and on Tuesdays at Rubio's fish tacos are $1.00. To me the fish taco is a little slice of heaven. So my roommate and I had decided to go to Rubio's after work. Since I did not drive that day, she came and picked me up and off we went to Rubio's. Now this wasn't any old taco day, as well as the day that Anderson Cooper (VERY attractive news correspondent for CNN) was going to interview Angelina Jolie...who (and I know I'll get flak for this) I happen to like. My roommate Aubry LOVES Anderson Cooper, but she is team Aniston (as in Jennifer, former wife of Brad Pitt...I know it's ridiculous the things we know about other people's lives). So we went to Rubio's, enjoyed a lovely, yet cheap dinner, and began our drive home to prepare for the interview.

As we drove home we chatted about this and that. Reminiscing about another time we went to Rubio's and as we were driving home we were in the middle of a motorcade for El Presidente Fox of Mexico! It's always an adventure with us. (club Suede, Ben Taylor, Tristan Prettyman, and a LOT of lesbians). As we pulled into the parking lot I was telling Aubry a story about a roommate I had in Boston who sued the Cheesecake factory (another great story). I looked up assuming my car would be there (NEVER ASSuME because we know what that does), but alas it was not. I said, "Aubry I think my car has been stolen." It was funny actually. We stopped where I had parked it at about 8am that morning...right next to my friend Mindy's car, but it was nowhere to be seen. I told Aubry to drive around the parking lot, HOPING that I had a memory lapse and maybe for some odd reason parked it somewhere else...but I did not park it somewhere else. We drove by the spot I had parked it one more time just to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me...they weren't.

My next thought was that my friend Chris (who sold me the car) had come and taken it as a joke. I called him, and he did I...and assured me he had not taken it. I thought maybe...I don't know why I thought this, but you sort of do weird things when your car is stolen...Scott or Kelli came and took it as a joke. We drove up to my parents house, but it was not there. I went in and walked upstairs to tell my mom…(because as a child…regardless of age…that is always our first instinct…to tell mom and dad). The first words out of her mouth were "Call the POLICE!" Then I had to break the bad news to her. There were a few things in my car that belonged to her. Nothing of monetary value, but of immense sentimental worth. She was SO sad...and to be honest, I felt worse about her stuff than I did about my car. (I was also harboring an extreme amount of sadness about my gift certificate to Kitty Pappas that was in the car, but other than that I was pretty sad about her stuff). I went downstairs to get the number for the NSLPD. Scott said sorry, but he was kind of laughing, as was everyone else, because it really is hard to believe...not a funny ha ha laugh, but a "You've got to be kidding” sort of chuckle. Kerri was asking me if we could go to Seven Peaks and I think the stress of it all began to set in because I couldn't find the number in the phone book and I started to get a bit flustered. Aubry was kind enough to look up the number and dial for me, then I went back down to the parking lot to wait for the officer.

By this time it was 7:15pm and the interview we had been planning our day around was starting at 8. We were afraid that we would miss it because it was getting later and we still had to wait for the cop to show up and then take down the report. While we waited I paced back and forth in the parking lot and was talking half to myself, and half to Aubry. I wasn't mad…I was sad… there were no was just a strange feeling. I suggested that Aubry go home so that we could record the interview. I told her a walk home would do me good, but she was afraid I would get picked up by the police on the way because I would be walking down the street ranting like a crazy person. So we decided to call someone to go put in a tape at our house. (TiVo would have been very helpful). I started calling a few friends, and left 'messages...
"Hey it's Brooke if you get this message in the next few minutes call me's sort of important."

A couple people called back and the first thing I said was,

“Hey my car was stolen and we are waiting for the police do you think you could go to our house and put a tape in the VCR so we can record the Anderson Cooper/ Angelina Jolie interview?"

Every one's reaction was the same,

"Your car was stolen?"

"Yes, but can you go out a tape in our VCR?"

No one seemed to grasp the importance of the interview...go figure. Chris...being the great friend that he is, came over to the parking lot to wait with us...I suppose he had somewhat of a vested interest...he sold me the car and his amplifier for his stereo was still in there ...ah well...Office Osoro finally came...he was very nice. I told him what happened. He said,

"Are you sure your car was stolen? Because you are awfully calm for someone who just had their car stolen. Most people would be yelling at me."

I told that I worked in customer service and I don't yell at people who are helping me. We proceeded to discuss the car, and told me what he would do, and then we chatted about his drug bust of 3 lbs of pot in that very parking lot, and a DUI arrest he made the other was guy I know…he lives near my aunt and uncle in West Bountiful and I use to work with his wife.

Officer Osoro was in a good mood because he had just gotten a new patrol car. He let my roommate sit in the back. She was surprised by how little leg room there was, but hey, if you're a criminal you don't get leg room. We went home…we missed the first 20 minutes of the interview, but it was pretty long, so we caught the majority of it. It was great. I learned a lot about Africa and the things that go on in certain countries over there....I am truly grateful that I live in the United States and am so blessed to have the life I have.

My wonderful friend Sarah Davies was nice enough to bring me a cherry coke Slurpee. Oh another officer came to our house that night to have me sign an affidavit saying my car was really stolen and I wasn't trying to commit insurance fraud. So that was the end of day one. I was calm and collected. That continued until Thursday morning when I went to get my rental car. I had to have a Chevy was nice and new, but it was like a boat!! And it didn't have a SUNROOF. That is my favorite thing about my car...I almost started crying as I drove to work, and then the frustration set in. It's not actually getting your car's everything that happens as a result...rental car…filling out a is the longest form in the took over an hour to fill it out.

Then last Saturday after my big carne asada party hosted by Aubry’s dad… I was cleaning up and the police called my parent's house...which I thought was weird considering I gave them my CELL number and nothing else. The lady on the phone asked how long my car had been in NSL. I thought that was a weird question and told her that it had been missing for a week and half. She then asked if I had reported it. I said yes, I spoke to two different officers. She asked in the were NSLPD...of course...then she said an officer would call me to tell me where it had been ditched....she didn't say, “well hey we found your car.” It was all very strange. So about fifteen minutes later an Officer Hargis (very nice man) called to tell me that my car was at an apartment complex on Orchard Drive. I asked him which complex. Peach Tree. HA HA HA HA. That complex is right...I mean exactly due west of the church parking lot the car had been stolen out of. I drove over there and sure enough...there was the Champ (that is my car) The stereo was gone, the sun roof was wide open, and all my change (maybe a couple bucks in pennies...I thought it was funny they took the pennies) Chris's amplifier, my GIFT CERTIFICATE, a couple CD's, and my garage door opener were gone.

The car itself was least it seemed fine. I think it's fine. They may have hit a curb when moving it the whole fifty yards because it pulls to the right...but other than that it's good to go. The officer explained the reason the lady on the phone was so weird was because between the TWO officers that helped me NEITHER of them listed it as stolen…even though I reported it as stolen. So I now am driving my car again...happily, and's amazing the things you can work out in your car without music. I'm not filing a claim because what was stolen is worth less than my deductible. All in all it was a pretty good experience as far as getting your car stolen goes. Oh and the look on my mom's face when I brought her stuff back to her...PRICELESS! She was so ecstatic. So there is the story. Maybe you wanted to hear it maybe you didn't. Until next time sports fans...good night and good luck,.

Wednesday, June 27

can we say "double standard"

The only person that has ever hated me is Jessica (can't remember her last name). I was in 7th or 8th grade...can't it was was on my way the a class with Mr. Seely...greatest teacher...taught me to love diet Coke, and the Cubs...we would listen to the games in the spring on his AM radio in the classroom. We purposely would get detention with him because he would buy us a soda...and John Lindsay ALWAYS had detention and his mom would send him with Dunkin Donuts...anyway...back to Jessica...

I should give you all a frame of reference from which you can read this story. I had spent my life...up to that point...knowing that everyone liked me...and that most of them...if not all of them LOVED me. That is not to say that I loved, or even liked all of them...but they didn't know that...and they had no good reason not to like now the story...

We were walking to class, and I was with Stephanie Thomas, and Jessica was walking near us...I don't remember exactly what was said (because in junior high my dad threw away my journals...not out of was accident...that is another story) we're walking to class, and Jessica...out of the blue...according to my EXTREMELY tainted memory...told me that she didn't like me, and didn't really think I was as cool as I thought I was. Crushed...that is all I can say...I...was...crushed...destroyed...SHE DIDN'T LIKE ME?! EVERYONE LIKED ME?! What was she smoking? Of course I didn't like her...but that isn't the point...I have NEVER given anyone a reason not to me!!! I'm Brooke Lee Russell for crying out loud!!

I don't even remember how the rest of the day went, but when I got home I immediately told my mom what had here is the part that she should really write...maybe I'll ask her to guest blog...but from her memory she thought it was pretty funny...she was astounded that I truly believed everyone else I had ever met to this point liked in my defense...I really think they did...(including Becky...whose last name I will withhold...who use to kick my shins under my desk in fourth grade). Why wouldn't someone like me? Of mom still has a good eye roll today because other than Jessica Whatshername I don't know of anyone else that doesn't love me...Jamie Krahenbuhl (can someone from Vegas tell me how to spell her last name...thank you you think she'll be mad that her name is on here...should I delete it)? didn't like me either, but we over came that and parted on great terms...someday I will buy some of her art work.

I still hope that someday I will run into her, and we can make up and be friends...well at least make up so she likes me...because her dislike of me is really tarnishing my perfect record!

Monday, June 25

the simple things

Oreos and milk
pink bubble gum
cotton candy bubble gum
the sunset
waves crashing
freshly cut grass
breakfast at midnight with Jill
hearing a song I love on the radio
an email from a friend
riding the T
a favorite hymn in church
microway popcorn with honey and peanut butter m&m's
a front porch
lighting on a summer evening with out rain
the smell of rain on the pavement
a summer thunderstorm
Downtown Crossing
Boston Common
the grassy knoll with Sara
Highway 12
shorts and t-shirts
jeans and flip flops
a Sunday afternoon nap
Sunday evenings on the porch with my family after dinner
a spicy McChicken
a cheeseburger Happy Meal
a starry night
unwelcomed hugs from Jessi
the Twin Falls County Fair
my bed
driving home from work; stuck in traffic
my sunroof
Sunday dinner water fights at Grandma's
dinner at Kitty Pappa's
a good book
head phones on the beach
waiting for a flight at the airport
flying by myself
a walk
Oh Fudge Shake w/ Oreo's from Cold Stone
a bookstore
the smell of a new book
a good dictionary
coffee cake muffin from Duncan Donuts
swimming at 2:00am with Mary
the owner of Cold Stone remembering me
talking with a good friend til 4:00am
painting my nails an unBrooke color
a Slurpee and a car wash from Slim Olsen's
playing Little House on the Prairie with Scott, Kelli, and Kerri
Nielsen's custard
Diary Queen
cotton candy ice cream from Baskin Robbins
fish Taco Tuesdays at Rubio's
Connie's Pizza
a midnight drive up the canyon
watching the lighting while sitting on Aja's back porch
driving on Kam Highway with the windows down
grilled veggies
yellow cake with chocolate frosting
driving in Logan
walking to the Logan Temple from the other side of town with Cali
chips and salsa
McDonald's vanilla cone
expounding and expanding with Emelia Jonez-Evans
peanuts and National Geographic Pursuit on a summer's evening
popcorn, hot chocolate, and National Geographic Pursuit on a winter's evening
Christmas Eve dinner on the floor
hot tubs in the winter
Cedar City
cheap rentals at Top Hat Video
riding the bus
the sunset from my grandpa's hill
sleeping on the trampoline
orange soda
the Montero
Oreos and salsa-not kidding!
watching SNL in the early 90's with the Manwarings
chocolate covered pretzels
a great hug
a good joke
outdoor concerts
happy hour at Ah Sushi
driving to Cedar City
Zion National Park when its pouring rain
Boulder, UT
my scriptures
the kiss in Last of the Mohicans
driving with the windows down

karma and Ted

So this story is a LONG time coming...I actually can't believe it wasn't my first story! It makes me smile, and sometimes even laugh out loud when I think about it, and it has thus far made a few others laugh too.

Last fall I was on my way into work. I had stopped that morning for a hot chocolate, since it was a bit chilly out. I walked in to the building and as I approached the elevators the door closed...I barely missed it! At the same moment a man, probably in his early 40's was getting off the parking garage elevators. I pressed the elevator button, and the same door that had just seconds before closed, this gentleman and I stepped onto the elevator he commented on how lucky I was. I smiled at him. We pressed our respective floor buttons; three for him, six for me. As the elevator rose he least three more times...on my luck...I simply nodded and sipped away on my cocoa. I don't have much to say in the mornings, as many of you know. As he was stepping out onto his floor I felt like I should comment since he'd been so talkative. So I commented: "It's karma." He turned and looked at me and replied: " name's Ted."

Those elevator doors closed and I burst into laughter!!! I could not believe it! Now there is a man, on the third floor, who thinks that my name is "karma". I've always wondered when, and if, it ever hit the doors were closing, and my laughter straight from the gut, that is not quiet at all, penetrated the steel he was sitting at his desk one day, during a conversation in which someone mentioned the concept of karma...I don't know...but I will ALWAYS be so grateful to Ted during those moments when I need a good laugh!