Wednesday, July 15


So having attended a midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince…I was a wee bit sleepy when I awoke this morning. I was definitely in a pleasant mood…as the activity keeping me up so late was so FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Nonetheless, I was tired. I picked out my outfit…white shirt, black skirt, sandals. However I realized I was missing a button on my shirt. I couldn't’t find a replacement, nor would I have had the dexterity to sew a new one on this morning…due to lack of sleep…no worries…I would just change up my outfit a bit. I added a tie and vest…which covered the missing button…not to mention…I looked cute :) …so I was ready to be on my merry way. I slipped on my flip flops and threw my sandals in my bag. Throwing it over my shoulder I glanced around my apartment (yes, I can glance around my entire apartment in one turn of the head…but it’s a good size for me) and noticed I had not opened my sliding door. As I enjoy open windows more than AC I walked over to open it. I felt a nice cool breeze…cooler than usual…but no matter…that just meant it might not be as warm today as predicted…I started towards my front door, but my hand on the door knob, and turned…suddenly…with the door only slightly ajar…I realized I was missing something…MY SKIRT! Yes folks…that is right…I made it to my front door without realizing I was not completely dressed. It turns out the cool breeze wasn’t because of the cool temperature, but the lack of clothing…bummer dude…Tuesday’s weather was perfect!!!

What can I say!? Sometimes I get distracted…REALLY distracted.