Thursday, November 24

Thanksgiving 2011

I know...not a particularly creative title...and after a considerable amount of blog silence, I could probably do better.  But alas...I'm a bit sleepy from a lot of food.  I really want to get these pictures posted though!

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year.  It was pretty simple and quiet but it definitely was one to remember as evidenced by the photos below.  (Oh and the food was A-MAZING this year)

this year Kerri suggested that we dress up like pilgrims and Indians.  I decided that is was probably a good idea to have a turkey in the mix.  Although, did you know, at the first Thanksgiving venison and corn were served?  also...each of these costumes was homemade...except maybe Jonah's...I can't was a Halloween costume from a few years back. (Please take note of my mama...she is great, isn't she?!)

I created this all on my own...well with a little help from Walmart and Michael's craft story (incidentally I've discovered and I am insanely overwhelmed by craft stores and never want to go to one on my own again)

 Gotta love those smiles!

This is my cousin Cam...he is hilarious and enjoyed "killing" the turkey (aka me).

We sure miss Kelli!!

Scott is now a master turkey carver!  And way to go on the turkey was was the gravy.  I know...gross that I ate my own kind today.  I was feeling a bit cannibalistic I guess.

One tough Indian 

Me and my buddy.

Killing the turkey...

Jonah and I had a game of basketball after dinner.

He was definitely appropriately dressed for the weather.

It was a great dinner...all the food was amazing and the dressing up made it that much more entertaining!  Thanks to my wonderful family for making not just Thanksgiving awesome sauce, but every day of my life!