Tuesday, February 17

...30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30...

Today is my 30th birthday…and I am not going to lie…I am pretty excited! I don’t really know why…but I think it’s because I get to leave my 20’s behind! (I appreciate the sentiment Sarah, but I do not want to be 25 anymore…30 is 30 and that is very ok with me). Not that I did not enjoy my 20’s… I had some great times…but there were some tough times too…(not that those are over by any means) and I am just really excited to see what the next 30 years has for me…good, bad and ugly. Now instead of being in my late twenties I get to say that I am in my early thirties…or just 30! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

I really am excited to be getting older…that has never happened before…I mean 16 was pretty exciting…well…eventful… didn’t get my driver’s license that day because Phyllis is a JERK…and my grandma went into the hospital that same day…BUT my very wonderful mother (who incidentally is the greatest person ever, and my hero) threw me a surprise party and it was a blast! But now…I am just happy that I turned 30…like a clean slate or something…I don’t know…my wonderful friend Jen is throwing me a party this weekend…so that is pretty rad (she is right up there on my list of great people…not quite my mom…but definitely not too shabby)

I really do wish I could write something more insightful…but honestly…the best I can do is just say that I am seriously stoked to be turning 30! I really, really am. Last night I was so excited for today that it was like Christmas Eve when you are so excited you can’t sleep! (Except the Russell’s have never had a problem sleeping…even when it comes to Christmas…see here…but you know what I mean). Anyway…I’d just like to say…
“HELLO 30! I welcome you with open arms!”

Monday, February 16

shout out

ok so today I started a Facebook account and I am truly amazed the people you can find!! I'm stoked that I have been able to get in touch with friends that I've lost touch with along the way...so a hooray for that!

A hooray for turning 30! (tomorrow)

and a HUGE HOORAY for my sister Kelli Jean...check out her two songs that she wrote...music and lyrics are hers!

I am pretty darn happy today.

Saturday, February 7

(Not so) Rant: part two

Ok so the other day I ranted for a bit...and those things all still bother me...but I decided it might be nice to also write about a few things that I do like.

Oh, but before I start...PLEASE, PLEASE take a look at this...This is for my friend Erin...mostly because she rocks the kasbah and I would love to see her continue her travels...and now back to your regularly scheduled program...

#1: going to dinner with Shorts on Friday nights...it is an unofficial standing "date" each Friday. We try to go somewhere new as often as possible, but last night we went to Red Robin. It is always good to hang out with Shorts on Friday...it is the end of the week...beginning of the weekend and a time to just vent, and relax.

#2: going to Coffebreak with Jill at 10:30 at night. Since we have been friends our friendship has generally taken place in the wee small hours of the morning...the first time we talked it was until 4:00am...and breakfast at midnight is a very regular thing for us...in fact last night after we left Coffeebreak we headed over to Village Inn, and as usual on a Friday night there were some very entertaining characters.

#3: hats...winter hats...I love winter hats. I think that each winter I acquire a new one and I love all of them...unfortunately it makes it difficult to know which one to wear...

#4: my SUU basketball shorts a long sleeve t-shirt under a t-shirt a winter hate and tie-dyed yellow socks that go to my knees and being wrapped up in my fleece Woods Cross blanket that my mom gave me for my birthday...curled up on my over sized chair...reading, watching a movie, or writing....it is just great and comfortable...the chair and the over sized chair.

#5: making Risotto...last winter Courtney taught me how to make it (that night was great...the guy at the liquor store thought we were both about 18 years old)...on a chilly winter evening it was one of my most favorite things to make...making it is relaxing...it takes a while...but all the chopping and smells and stirring...I don't know...it is just really relaxing.

Well there you go...I am sure more will come later.

Russell Family Vacation: Winter Edition

Here is a quick little recap of the Russell family vacation...for other recaps check out this site and this one.
Let's just get it out of the way now...Jonah is so cute and of course he was the center of attention of our vacation...as he was at our last attempt for a vacation...although that time he was coming out the womb because he had yet to become the center of attention...but now he is in all his cuteness!

And though we did not have an arriving baby this time to add excitement...we did end up with a flat tire that lead to some good times...and some frustrating times...and all documented of course!

Brooke, Kelli and Kerri...waiting for dinner...and posing for the camera...why are we doing this you ask...well read on...or look on...FLAT TIRE!!!!! YAY!!!!
Scott and Brooke were left to the task changing the tire...but for some reason...the nice luxury car does not have a spare tire...just some puncture sealant...unfortunately there was not a puncture in the tire...it was more than that...so we used the electric pump, pumped up the tire and made our way to Midway....but...everything was closed...so we called the road side assistance. We got that taken care of...we got food...and a cab ride from a very nice gentlemen who was glad to get out of the Sundance craziness in Park City for a while. Oh and let's not forget that Lorie and Sterling (mom and dad for those who don't know) were at Chez Betty for dinner.
Early in the day we went tubing at Soldier's Hollow. We had a great time. As you can see...mom especially seemed to enjoy herself!

Jonah even got in on the action...All in all it was a great vacation...and a nice relaxing time...including Sunday night after everyone but mom and I left. We watched The Glass Bottom Boat and Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera Knightly version). It was nice to spend that time with my family without any other distractions...that just isn't something that happens too often...time away from life and the smog in the valley.

Monday, February 2


So blogs are often times used for ranting...so here are a few things I have been frustrated with recently...

1. People who talk really, REALLY loud on their cell phone in public places. I know I am talk loud, but I try very hard to not talk at all, or at least loud in a public place...Example: Saturday I was at the Broadway theatre waiting for The Wrestler to start. A gentleman walks in, sits down, whips out his phone and leaves a voicemail for whomever he is meeting. Two minutes go by...he/she has not shown up...pulls out his phone, leaves another VERY LOUD voice mail....two MORE minutes...ANOTHER VERY LOUD MESSAGE! We get it sir! You are not comfortable sitting alone in a theatre by yourself. I happen to enjoy movies by myself...incidentally...his friend/girlfriend/wife did finally show up...AFTER the previews had started.

2. All the untrue, ridiculous statements, as well as the rude, cruel, and hurtful statements made, or posted, regarding the LDS church and its membership. I am totally ok with the fact that the whole world does not believe as I do. But what really gets under my skin is the anger, or disrespect shown to the LDS church as a whole, as well as individual members. Everyone has their faith...whether they believe in a God, gods, nature, or even just themselves. I don't have a problem with that...I don't go around posting hurtful things...if anything I have always been fascinated with other religions, or belief systems. I understand that the things my religion teaches, and believes does not always coincide with the majority, or the mainstream...and sometimes it does...but regardless...please feel free to disagree with me, and my beliefs, but please don't be hurtful. I do understand that in light of recent issues it could be said that my beliefs are hurtful to others. But I could turn that conversation around on just about anyone and anything.

3. Customers who treat those helping them, be it in the grocery store, the movie theatre, a restaurant, etc...like they are less than them. YES...they are serving you, but they are by NO MEANS below you...in fact...they are SERVING YOU...show some gratitude...and not just in a tip. Just be a nice person. GEEZ! Say thank you to the cashier at the grocery store, to the bagger, to the bus driver, the cashier at REI...whoever...just be polite.

4. I know there was another one...but I am drawing a blank right now. So I will stop...it obviously did not bother me all that much.


Pictures from Christmas Day

So I did have a photo album...but I have yet to figure out how to put it in the post...so I am just going to throw up a few of my favs from the holidays. ENJOY!
The post would not be complete without a picture of the little man!!
One of Scottie's favorite movies is Cars...so Grams got Jonah a mini Lighting McQueen...I can't decide who is more excited...Grams, Kelli, Jonah, Mattie or Scottie...

Taking it for a test drive...but not quite ready to be on his own.

But dad is there, so it's all good!

I guess no matter what age Christmas....
gifts can always be appreciated.

This is at the beginning of opening gifts! Mind you it is probably about noon!
Not even Christmas day will keep the Russell's from their sleep!
I wonder where we learned that??