Monday, July 23

family splash time fun

Tonight was family fun night at mama's new house.  It was everything she promised it to be and more!  Great company...a given, of course.  Delicious always.  And some hilarious and funny times infused with a little (or a lot) of H2O.  And of course...some great shots of little Lyla Lou. 

delicious food...including chicken, which I do not normally love, but my family makes FABULOUS barbecue chicken.  

Jonah...all ready for splash time fun.

Lyla already enjoying splash time fun since drinking out a cup usually ends with water down her front.

Uncle Robbie, Grandpa and mama enjoying dinner
"Brookie, you're the best aunt ever and I just love you"

Before the slip and slide there was an entertaining game of water baseball as well, but since that is a team sport and requires more attention I didn't get any pictures of that.  But a big thank you to Kerri for filling up all the water balloons.

Jonah doesn't quite grasp the concept of the slip and slide so aunt Coco give him a push.

running worked well too.


Scottie attempting some sort of trick...
hole in mama's grass after one of Scottie's tricks.

regardless of how he did it, he loved it!
Jonah is really great at the army crawl
tired kiddos after an evening of family splash time fun.

My aunt Stephanie and my uncle Robbie and my cousin Jacque and my grandpa joined us as well.  It was a lovely way to spend a Monday evening.  Thanks Mama for the splash time fun!

top 5 and totally random, I know

Often times in conversations with people, I will qualify, yes, qualify something by saying "it is in my top 5 of favorite..." or it is in my top 10 of favorite..." or...well you get the picture.  And it isn't as if I've actually developed a list of my favorite whateverwearetalkingaboutatthemoment...but it is a way to express the quality, in my opinion of whatever I happen to be discussing.  However...there are two areas where I do actually have specific ...'s in mind.  Music and movies.  I am actually still working on the music list.  Although without any hesitation I can say that "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" by Elvis Presley is my ALL.TIME.FAVORITE.SONG. But I digress.  I have now solidified my top 6 favorite movies of all time.  I have actually had my  #1 solidified for sometime now...probably since I first saw it.

Now I am not sure that I will be able to explain in a way that will be satisfying to people, why these movies are my top 5 favorites of all time...except to say that for whatever reason, they just are.  Joking...kind of...I have a tough time articulating it.  These movies...for whatever reason...stir my soul...make my heart sing?  I just know that when I watch these movies, I am inspired, and a have a sense of pure enjoyment...I just love them.

So here they are...not really in an order...except for #1...

Slumdog Millionaire-I remember seeing this with my mom at the Broadway theatre and absolutely loving it.  Watching it makes my heart smile.  Even now just thinking about the whole movie...I have the biggest grin on my face.  I could watch this movie any time, over and over again.


The Sound of Music-I cannot recall exactly the first time I saw this movie, but I do know it was at a very young age.  I wanted to be a nun after watching this movie...even when I still believed that nuns sang a lot...and I do not sing.  Some people find Climb Every Mountain to be a silly song, but I find it to be one of my most favorite songs in this musical.  (Don't even ask me to try and rate my favorite songs from this musical).  I LOVE musicals...and I will say that depending on the day I might swap out The Sound of Music in my top 5 for Man of La fact on this particular day I am feeling like that is the case...especially since I recently saw a production of Man of La Mancha at PTC.  The Impossible Dream is a gorgeous song.  Sophia Loren and Peter O'Tooele are amazing, not unlike Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.  And in truth, Don Quixote has always been a hero of mine.  I guess the reason that The Sound of Music wins out is because how can you beat singing nuns and Nazis?  Although...what is better than battling a windmill and only seeing the beautiful and good and righteous in life?  Wow...even in just writing this I am getting torn. 

"No, you must go back.  You must find out.  These walls were not built to shut out problems.  You have to face them.  You have to live the life you were meant to live."

The Quiet Man-I am not exactly sure how and what to say about this being in my top five...other than I love Maureen O'Hara (seriously...if you need a good and entertaining hers.) And in this movie...she is perhaps at her very finest.  And her character's name is Mary Kate Danaher.  I love a good solid name.  And plus, it's John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.  ( her autobiography...they had a great friendship.)  I just love watching this movie...settling down on a chilly evening and curling up with a treat and enjoying the apparently, indescribable awesomeness that is this movie.  Not to mention it brings the ONLY SOMEWHAT redeemable aspect to E.T.  (and order to get the link address for this clip...because I REFUSE to post it on my blog...I searched for it on YouTube, covered the screen, put my speakers on mute and copied and pasted the url...seriously...I cannot watch E.T.)

Joe Verses the the BEST Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks collaboration.  (Wish she had been in Castaway instead of Helen would have been almost a sequel to Joe Vs.)  I saw this movie in the theatre when I was 11.  I saw it with my mama.  It was the first time I had ever been in a movie and watch someone walk out.  I was so shocked.  If memory serves me well...and it might not because it was 22 years was towards the very beginning of the movie.  It seemed so odd to me to that A) walk out of a movie and B) walk out of THIS movie.  It was so entertaining.  This movie solidified my desire to live in Hawaii and or on a boat.  This inspires me every time I watch it.  I remember the important things in life and I feel happier and more content with my life.  It makes me want to move "away from the things of man, my love, away from the things of man."  I know it is a silly movie...but I love it.  It is a wonderful allegory.  And one that I understood fairly well at age 11 and continue to understand as I get older.  Not too mention I think the love theme is absolutely one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever composed.  Hats off to George Delerue and John Patrick Shanley (who was also the writer and director...also the writer of Moonstruck and Doubt)

My number one favorite movie of all time is, was and always will be...
The Parent Trap-Haley Mills squared, Brian Keith and the always lovely Maureen O'Hara.  They are a tri fecta awesomeness that NEVER fails to make me laugh.  Seriously...Brian Keith falling over the chair, falling into the pool, getting punched by Maureen O'Hara...every time I laugh...EVERY.TIME.  And while this movie to me is just pure delight, I think that my deep love of this movie is attached to the fact that my grandparents had this on VHS and I would watch it every summer when I went to visit them.  (I actually have the VHS of theirs...I know...I should give it back, but it has so much sentimental value to me...even though I never use it (I have the two disc DVD) I love having it.  It is a part of my childhood.  And I really loved my childhood.  Especially my summers.  (Incidentally Maureen O'Hara and Brian Keith were great friends as well...seriously...just read her autobiography.)

So there you have it top 5 favorite movies.  I've included a bonus clip, since as I've mentioned previously I go back and forth with The Sound of Music and Man of La Mancha.