Sunday, August 12

My thoughts on the best closing ceremonies ever

Russell Brand as Willy Wonka and the walrus...believable.

Annie Lennox has still got it. Although I am not sure that half of team USA is even old enough to know who she is...

But in defense of the young team USA…I don’t really know Jesse J.  But I think she could be added to my “can’t help but smile and dance” play list.

I am a fan of this Jesse J, Taio Cruz, Tinie Tempah trio of You Should Be Dancin’.  (I would have loved to have seen it by it’s originators in their prime.)

Even if it goes horribly array, I am RIDICULOUSLY STOKED for the SPICE GIRLS! 

And they delivered.  That was a WONDERFUL reunion.

Was Missy Franklin even born when the Spice Girls took over the world?  I am fairly certain the “Fierce Five” were not. 

I want to watch Spice World now.

Great music comes out of Great Britain.  (Although the Scandinavians are currently dominating the music world…my music world anyway…with the exception of Mumford and Sons.)

And LoLo Jones once again proves why she is so awesome.  Singing along to Wonder Wall.  Love her.

I love the Brits.  Best sense of humor.  Roller blading nuns…with Union Jack undies.  Awesome. Sauce.

Always look on the bright side of life!!  Eric Idle.  Is there anything more British?

The Royal family loved the human cannon ball!  I did too.


Jesse J can’t really replace Freddie. No one should try.  I’m not saying she can’t sing…clearly, she can.  It’s just that no one should do Freddie, except Freddie of course.

I want a hat that has a light bulb on it.

London has the best Olympic cauldron ever.  How will anyone ever top that?!


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Mom and Kenz said...

I like reading your perspective cause while I thought it was cool -- parts were a little much for me. But very British and very fun!